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My name is Maggie and I am the mother of our three Golden Retrievers Henry, Albert and most recently, Beatrice. Alex and I moved from Manhattan to San Francisco in the summer of 2009 when Alex began working for his family’s business.  Early in 2010 Alex proposed to me, resulting in a very excited and happy me!

On September 18th, 2010 Alex and I were married in Lake Placid, New York where we celebrated with a small group of family and friends (and Hen & Al)  in an intimate setting on the lake.  The day after we were married we left, fully exhausted for a two week honeymoon where we went on amazing safari’s and relaxed on the most serene beach we’d ever seen…it was paradise for sure!

Today, back in San Francisco life has more or less gone back to the way it was before we got engaged, except for one little furry detail, Beatrice.  Beatrice, or Bea was an early wedding gift we were given this summer and she is the sweetest, most loving, energetic, mischievous little golden ever! We love her with all of our hearts…. most of the time.

For Alex, Henry and Albert kind of came with the “Maggie package.”  I should have known we’d end up married the moment I brought two wet goldens into Alex’s apartment for the first time.  They shook wet fur and wiped their wet bodies against his clean white walls, slapping their tails happily and jumping on his once stain free cream sofa, he just smiled.  When he asked me to move in a few weeks later and adjusted to life with hair on his suits, his clean car now dog friendly, stains on his Persian carpets and paw prints on the Prataesi sheets, still with a smile on his face asking if I wanted champagne, I knew he was the man for me, and for the dogs.

The move to San Francisco was a welcome change for Hen and Al, and Beatrice seems to think it suits her just fine as well.  They love spending time in Napa where they frolic through the vineyards (Hen prefers Opus while Al & Bea like Mondavi) visiting Grandma in Tiburon is a favorite and they do their best to go boating as often as possible. In the Bay, Albert tries to make friends with the seals on a weekly basis but, it doesn’t seem to be working. In general they just find the streets cleaner, dogs groomed better and air quality nicer.  This is not to say they won’t be visiting NYC anytime soon.

Beatrice definitely shook up our life once things had a chance to settle down after the wedding, honeymoon and hype of being newly married.  It took Hen and Al a good four months to be able to look her in the eyes and let her walk past without growling at her. I think they finally forgive us for disrupting their happy life with this creature.  Bea is a very happy little girl, on her good days. I like to call her “sweetbea,” like sweetpea if you missed that.  She chews her bone at my feet when I’m making dinner or am on the computer, she tears the car gate off while we’re driving so she can sit on my lap, and she howls if we leave her downstairs at night.  Now Beatrice does have her faults, she’s not always so sweet.  It took us months to wean her off of eating her poop, she loves eating cords, shoes, blackberrys, boxes, carpets, basically anything in front of her and when she feels like she’ not getting enough attention she pees, wherever she may be standing.

Bea is kind of a symbol for us in this new chapter of our lives.  We are excited to be married and to start a family while focusing on work, family, our social lives and planning for the future.  She is loving, excitable, hungry, growing, not perfect,  full of surprises, and happy,  jut like us, which makes her the perfect addition.

As long as all goes as planned and she has a long happy and healthy life, Beatrice will be by our sides as our family grows and develops, chewing her way through the years.

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  1. Casey #

    How did you get her to stop eating her poop??!?! Our 1 year old still does every chance she gets!! We have tried the powder from the vet and tobasco sauce.

    January 7, 2011
    • I’ve heard that putting pineapple juice in the food helps. I ended up watching her psychotically every time she went to the bathroom. When she turned around to eat it I would say ah-ah kind of harshly and then picked it up while she was distracted. Eventually she forgot about it. I hope this helps!


      January 7, 2011
  2. absolutely fantastic:) i’m so glad that i’ve found another golden lover in this world!!!

    January 6, 2011
  3. tats #

    Oh Maggieeee I love you! Your were my favorite model when I was growing up and to see now that you love dogs and started this blog completely melts my heart. Love from Argentina.

    January 4, 2011
  4. Love your new blog! Thanks for sharing so many stories already.

    Cleo, our German Shepherd-Husky mix rescue inspired us to start our blogs and the San Francisco skyline makes a great backdrop too.

    January 4, 2011
  5. Pamela #

    Charming story! I had a smile on my face the whole time reading this:)

    I love and have animals too; so this was very relatable.

    January 2, 2011
  6. Marcia Downes #

    okay I am trying this again..if my other comment went through, I apologize, a little challenged in the computer world!
    I was recently introduced to your site by my daughter…Loving it! We are golden owners and lovers..Our golden now is Lucy and she could be Bea’s twin…she is 4 and we got her from a breeder in Vermont, as we live in Massachusetts. The joy that she and our previous golden, Amber, have brought to our lives, no words…I especially enjoyed your story about knowing Alex was “the one”…I have always told my daughter that who ever she has in her life will have to pass “the Lucy test”…

    Keep enjoying your canine family (human one too) and thank you for enjoy…

    January 2, 2011
    • Carol #

      My Allie, sister to Bea from the litter this past Halloween, did the same thing. I’ve never had a dog before eat it’s own poop & gross doesn’t describe it when you see them eat that. I tried a pill meant to do something to the poop to make it taste bad, instead it gave Allie diarrhea. After that I took to doing the same thing, watching her, distracting her, then picking it up asap. I also carried around a bottle of that bitter apple to spray on it to train her also since she hates the smell/taste of that stuff. So far, so good

      August 31, 2012


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