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Bea won’t be home for Christmas….

Happy Holidays! Love, Albert, Henry, & Beatrice!

T’was the week of Christmas when all through the house

Bea is always stirring and not like a mouse;

The bones were stacked by the presents with care,

Hen, Al, & Bea hoped that soon they’d be theirs;

The dogs were nestled all snug on their beds,

While visions of Petaluma danced in their heads….

This year Henry has decided to take his younger sister and brother to Petaluma for Christmas and New Years.  He thinks Northern New York is just too far and cold for him this time of year and to be honest, he wasn’t sure if Beatrice would be able to handle the snow, she’s never seen snow before.  Albert couldn’t have been more excited by Hen’s news but, Bea wasn’t as sure. Henry assured her that she wouldn’t be home sick and that mom and dad would come pick them up in January but, I could tell she was a little frightened as I was packing her going away bag.

The dogs get very depressed when they see me packing.  Henry lays on the couch with his head in his paws and looks up at me with sad eyes that seem to say  “my world is going to crash down if you leave.” Al refuses to talk to me or acknowledge me for that matter and Bea… well, she tries to eat everything I’m putting in my bag, sweet I think.  This time I tried packing secretly by putting the bag on the bed where they couldn’t see it but, very little gets past these guys.

Bea riding home on the Christmas tree

Yesterday I made my way across the country to Sackets Harbor, NY where I grew up (Hen & Al too!) and where most of my family is now.  There’s nothing quite like winter in Northern New York.  You can pretty much be guaranteed that there will be lots of snow, ice on the lake and freezing cold nights.  It’s a lot like the north pole!  Some people think it’s too cold and too snowy but, I think it’s perfect.

"Throw the ball mom!"

Hen & Al waiting for me to throw the ball

Since I moved to the west coast, I don’t get as many chances to visit Northern New York (or my friends and family there) as I used to.  Luckily two of my best friends, who I’ve known since I was 6 months old, (and who were two of my bridesmaids!) came over for the night to catch up.  We never do anything crazy or elaborate when we get together.  We enjoy the time together and appreciate the chance to say, “I’ve missed you”, face to face.

Catharine, Emily, Morgan and Maggie (donning the awesome headband)

Catharine, Emily, and Maggie catching up this weekend

The next day my family celebrated my Great Uncle Bud’s 86th Birthday. I also had the opportunity to see some of my sisters, my mom, nephew, brother-in-law and my favorite coffee shop, Chrissy Beanz. Alex arrives tomorrow morning which will make my family almost (no dogs!) complete.  It will finally really be Christmas for me and I plan to make the most of my time here!

What I’ve come to realize is that I am very sad to not have my beloved dogs with me.  As much as I will miss them and be thinking of them while I’m away, I’ve gained my family and friends and that is irreplaceable.

I’m looking forward to celebrating Christmas the old fashioned way, surrounded by turkey, snow, happiness, and love.

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