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HOHOHO….to Anguilla we go!



Jingle bells!

Henry making a snowball Dec. 2008

I’m dog homesick.  I called my three Goldens in Petaluma yesterday to see how their Christmas was and to make sure they were behaving themselves but, they didn’t answer and they still haven’t called me back.  I think I need to get them email accounts so we can communicate better.

It was hard for me to be at the cottage (my house in Northern New York) without the dogs because I know how much they love being there and playing in the snow!  Henry’s brother Piper and sister Bo stopped by and I know he would have loved to catch up, next time I guess.  Beatrice hasn’t seen the snow yet, in fact I’m not sure she would like it as much as Henry and Albert.  Anytime it’s cold or raining in San Francisco I practically have to beg her to go out or bribe her with a treat.  Despite the dogs not being there I still think there’s nothing better then Christmas in Northern New York.  On Christmas night we barbecued our turkey in the 11 degree winter air and celebrated with 22 friends and family members.  It was a perfect end to an incredible week at home and I can’t wait to be back very soon!

Christmas turkey!

My Great Uncle Bud made this creche for us!

After our dinner we went to my sister Julia's house for some holiday cheer!

Ice skating crossed my mind for about 30 seconds.

Yesterday we made it out of Northern New York just before the snow started falling.  We had a few delays here and there as well as some quality time at the Charlotte International Airport.  Eventually, against the weather’s best efforts we made it to Anguilla. We are celebrating the second half of our holiday vacation here with Alex’s family.  Al and Bea did their best to assure us they would have no problem hopping on a flight to meet us for a little fun in the sun and for New Year’s.  Luckily, Henry’s voice of reason and discovery of a new mud filled pond is keeping the three of them safely in Petaluma.

I have loved this little island since I started coming here in 1998.  I realized the only way to get some peace and quiet when you work in the fashion industry is to get as far away as possible to a place where you cannot be reached.  After some research during the Paris show’s I chose Anguilla as my destination.  I left as soon as the show week ended and enjoyed 7 days alone with nothing to do and nobody to talk to, it was perfect.  From then on it was my destination of choice (except the cottage!).  Luckily for me, we are spending New Years’ here before we head back to San Francisco.  My itinerary for this week includes reading, sleeping, and tanning.  It’s going to be rough.  I’ll be thinking of all of you who are enjoying the snow!

Hen, Al, and Bea I miss you dearly and will see you soon.  Below is a post card that I send to you with love.

Greetings and much love from the Caribbean!

With peace and love,


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  1. Carrie Kane #

    Dear Maggie, your holiday sounds like perfection! The only thing that would make it better I am sure would be Al, Hen and Bea. Happy New Year and congratulations on your new blogging adventure. -Carrie

    December 31, 2010
  2. ronmwangaguhunga #

    Barbecuing turkey in the 11 degree winter air sounds like an inspired act of whimsically genius.

    December 29, 2010


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