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Fun in the sun!

Dear Hen, Al, and sweet Bea    I know you’re not particularly pleased with me for still being away.  I hope my letter will show you that I’m having a wonderful holiday and that you can be happy for me.  I’m sure Roland in Petaluma is treating you well.  Hen, keep an eye on Bea and make sure Al doesn’t eat her.  Lots of love, your mom

It doesn’t get much better for me then a Caribbean holiday.  I wake up late, drink coffee until I’ve run out of pages to read and tan the day away (with a 45 SPF of course).  In the early evening I like to explore the island, search for the very best Anguillan rum punch and have a quiet dinner with reggae music filling the air.  I put hot sauce on anything in site and think it’s possibly running through my veins.  The Caribbean and I are meant to be together.

I did not make this but, am thinking of doing a competing one next to it.

Monday night we had dinner at one of Anguilla’s most beautiful hotel’s, Malliouhana.  What a beautiful and elegant spot!  From the restaurant the views of the Caribbean Sea and the beautiful beaches below are drop dead gorgeous.  The menu is right up there with New York’s finest and the dessert is reason enough to spend a day traveling to Anguilla.

Dinner at Anguilla's Malliouhana!

Malliouhana's chocolate souffle!

After our delicious dinner we decided to head over to Sandy Ground.  Sandy Ground is one particular harbor in the heart of Anguilla where it seems like everything is happening!  It is the perfect spot for boats to anchor and a great place to meet locals or people traveling from all over the world.  The streets are lined with some of Anguilla’s most famous restaurants and bars such as Johnno’s, Ripples, Sandbar and The Pumphouse.  It is also home to  Anguilla’s best dive shop, Vigilant Divers.  I am scared of the ocean so, that last bit of information I only know from hearsay.  I’m working on my fear.


When we got to Sandy Ground we were sad to find out that most places are closed on Monday nights.  Luckily for us, Ripples was open.  Ripples is a quintessential Caribbean bar.  It’s on the beach and has Bob Marley blaring, lots of colorful decoration and a not quite complete selection at the bar.  It’s perfect.  We had a nice quick drink there before heading out to Mango’s for some dominos and then to Anguilla’s newest addition, the Viceroy. What an interesting place that is.

Isn't underage drinking meant to be done in garages and basements? Maybe that was just in NNY.

We visited the Viceroy a few years ago when it was still under construction and seemingly had potential.  Now, fully up and running it gives off much more of a “Spring Break” feeling then anything related to Anguilla. We tried getting a drink at the bar but, the 10,000 15 year olds trying to do the same thing made it a little difficult.  When I was 15 and on spring break I’m pretty sure I was home shoveling snow but, that’s besides the point.  Once we finally got the bartenders attention, our non-alcoholic drinks were a little disappointing, to say the least.  Deciding to ditch our non-alcoholic rum & Ting’s for glasses of wine we overheard that Banky Banks would be performing and the rumor was that Michael Jordan was staying there.  The teen filled bar finally was making sense and it was our cue to leave.  Since partying with the kids, we’ve heard The Viceroy doesn’t normally give off the vibe we experienced.  We’re going to give it another try at tonight’s sunset.  If any kid without facial hair has a margarita (virgin or not) I’m out of there.

Playing domino's at Mango's

On a sadder note, a friend of mine from high school passed away very recently.  It’s a very sad circumstance and there is nothing to say or do that will make the situation better.  One of my best friends from high school died just a few years ago as well.  Recently I saw someone on facebook write “we shouldn’t be losing our friends for another 35 years”.  The scary part is that it will just keep happening whether we like it or not.  The worst part is that these two friends were two of the best people you can imagine, people who this world was very lucky to have.

I’m going to do my best in this new year to show my loved ones how grateful I am to have them in my life.  I’m the biggest offender when life gets a little too busy and it’s easy to not keep in touch.  It’s something I have to work on.  I’m the first to turn my phone off when someone calls because “I just have too much to do.”   I’m the first to not answer an email for weeks because “it can wait.”  Friendship is a very powerful thing and I count myself very lucky for the friendships I have.  Life is what we make of it while we’re here, it’s an important thing for me to remember ever day.

Our friends are very missed.




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