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Snap back to reality!

After a fun and exciting holiday with family and friends in NNY & Anguilla, I find myself happily back home in San Francisco.  It took us 20 hours to make the journey from Anguilla to San Francisco (we took the  longest route imaginable). Delay after delay, no planes, bad weather, no pilot and missing bags.  I now despise American Airlines, no matter how many frequent flyer miles they give me.

Bea staring at me on the ride home from the kennel

Yesterday I drove to Patrick Canine Kennels in Petaluma to pick up Henry, Albert and Beatrice.  It’s one of the best kennels we’ve left our dogs in.  They take them on swimming and hiking trips, let them play outside all day, and will play fetch until the sun goes down.  It’s perfect for them.  I almost don’t feel guilty leaving them there, almost.

The attention deficit doggies were overjoyed that I’d finally come to bring them home.  Within minutes they managed to tear down the gate, climb over the back seat, through my dry cleaning and safely to the front seat, in my lap.  It was an interesting drive home especially since Bea was obsessed with licking my face but, eventually we made it.


I’m so happy to finally be home after my two weeks away.  There’s a peace that I get in day to day life that’s missing when I’m away.  It’s the comfort of knowing I’m right where I belong.  Home is what we work for each day, what we come home to at night and where we make our memories.  I guess Dorothy got it right, there is no place like home.

Sending love,



Viceroy drinks

Viceroy Backgammon



HOTEL- Cap Juluca

SCENE- Viceroy (great for backgammon too!)


RUM PUNCH- Smokey’s! (trust me I tried them all)

BEACH- Captain’s cove (it’s a bumpy ride to get there but, well worth it!)

LUNCH- Trattoria Tremonto

DINNER- Jacques

NEW YEARS’ CELEBRATION- Blue (at Cap Juluca)








Best rum punch by a landslide!



Happy New Year!

New Year's eve masks

This little girl looked cuter in my mask so, I gave it to her.

Dinner at Jacques! (This dress belongs to my friend Anisha. I just remembered I was supposed to give it back to her 3 years ago. Not good.)




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  1. Carrie Kane #

    Dear Maggie, sounds like a wonderful trip and thanks for sharing your tips for a great getaway in Anguilla.

    I have a furry new addition named Baxter, who came home with us to Charlotte, NC, on Sunday. He is 10 weeks old and is a Maltese/Silky Terrier Mix. I feel like a new mother all over again. As I type this, he is sleeping in my lap. I am trying to do everything right from crate training to a dog walker while I am at work.

    It is a bit stressful around the house settling in to a new routine with Baxter; however, I know that it is the beginning of a long, wonderful relationship.

    Welcome home,

    January 4, 2011
  2. Chris Marsella #

    Hey Maggie – we met a couple years ago in Newport. I’m friends with Chase, Jen, Leeds, Lindsay, Angus, Joana, the whitest people in RI, etc…

    Just saw your blog on HuffPost. As a proud double golden owner (former – now a portuguese water dog and goldendoodle), I wish you luck with the blog. Look forward to following the adventures! Goldens rule.

    January 4, 2011


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