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Calorie who?

I think one of the best meals in the world is a PB&J on Wonder bread with a Yoo-hoo.  It makes it even better if you eat it on a beach or a raft out in the middle of a lake but, in general it’s the best lunch of all time.  When I was a kid I probably had this lunch 3-4 times a week, more in the summer.  It’s an easy lunch, one you can share or join in with friends who are having the same.  Most of all, I like this lunch because it says so much yet, in so little words.  PB&J (with or without Yoo-hoo) say’s “I’m generous, perfect, and super easy-going.”   Why can’t everyone be like that?

I wonder to myself, why is it that I no longer have PB&J with a Yoo-hoo for  lunch, on a sandy beach?  Why do I have a vegetable salad with a side of hummus?  The answer is quite simple. PB&J is chuck full of sugar, bad fats, bad carbs and as far as I can see it, empty calories.  The world has trained us to no longer look at eating as something enjoyable but, rather something to be frightened of.  I am the biggest offender.  As many of you probably have, this year I plan on working out more and making better choices in what I eat.  Should I cut out bread entirely?  Focus more on only protein and good fats?  Should I not consider cheese a protein due to its obscene fat content?  Am I being lazy only going to Pilates three times a week?  I should probably take up running…  

Although I would really love to blame my feelings on diet ads, celebrity bodies, 89 lb. models and the constant reminders of how overweight our country is, I really have only myself to blame.  The thing is, I like feeling healthy.  Being in shape and keeping my body healthy should be a very top priority.  My question is, why obsess over the details of it?  Why not have cookies and milk or a piece of cake without thinking “back away, you crazy lady?”  There must be some balance between not losing focus of your goals while being able to order a margarita instead of wine and forget that it has 450 calories in it.  Once in a while.

I think overall, it’s about lightning up and trusting that you won’t let yourself get out of control.  For example, Beatrice LOVES food.  More than anyone/dog I think I’ve ever seen.  As soon as her bowl hits the ground she goes crazy.  The bowl rattles all over the floor and she makes this crazy sound because she’s eating so quickly there’s barely time for her to breathe.  When the bowl is empty (20 seconds) she looks up at me ready for seconds.

Bea is never going to be overweight.  It’s not that she doesn’t enjoy her food fully, including the table scraps she eats that I’m not supposed to give her.  She’s just a very balanced girl.  Happy with who she is, she enjoy’s food but steers clear of seconds and exercises plenty each week.

Today I’m going to try to be a bit more like Bea.  For lunch I’ll pick something I enjoy, not my regular boring salad.  I’ll do my best not to obsess although, I probably will.  Luckily I have a 2pm Pilates appointment.  God bless Mercury fitness.


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  1. Dani @ Princess of Queens #

    Love this post Miss Maggie!!! All these diets keep telling you what not to eat. “Don’t touch that cake or you will become morbidly obese like the rest of America!” It’s all about balance! I hope your goal is to become as balanced as you can be 🙂

    Also I am a big fan of running, but not because of the exercise point of it but rather the stress realease. My Shepard mix, Beaver, LOVES to run. Perhaps see if Bea likes to run too!

    Quick Ques! What type of food do you feed Bea? Beaver is kinda picky with his.

    January 9, 2011
  2. Carrie Kane #

    Hi Maggie, all true. The other day I was feeling overwhelmed with taking care of Baxter. I am such a regimented person and use to run every morning at 5:15am before work. Now I need that time to feed, walk, play with little B. So, I am trying to not eat as much as I used to and chill out if I can only exercise a few days per week. I actually just got my doggy jogging stroller. I would have NEVER thought that I would be the proud owner of one, but it really makes sense. I am a runner and Baxter is way too tiny to ever keep up with me. Now, I can push him and run. It looks just like a baby jogger.
    I’ll tweet you a pic of my new baby so you know what he looks like.

    Carrie & Baxter

    January 8, 2011
  3. Dreya #

    So true, Maggie. If I could be more like Clementine, I would. Not just in the food aspect, but everything. Kind eyes to everyone she meets, defends her own when need be, and loves her family unconditionally. XoXo

    January 7, 2011


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