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Birthday bliss!

I have a fear of my birthday.  It hasn’t always been this way.  When I was younger I looked forward to my birthday like a normal girl.  I loved having balloons, a big party and all of the attention I could possibly get.  Out of nowhere I went through a long cycle of “bad birthdays.” Year after year it kept getting worse.  Tragedy, drama, ex-boyfriends sucking the life out of it (hence EX) and then more drama.  If you can think of the worst things that could happen on a birthday, they probably happened to me, seriously.

Fetch in Tomales Bay!


The first birthday I spent with Alex marked the beginning of my change in luck.  He didn’t respond well when I told him I’d prefer we just ignore my birthday and as it turns out I’m glad I listened.  I knock on wood as I type this but, since that birthday I’ve managed to steer clear of my bad birthday luck.

Admiral Hen, eyes on the ball

Last year was the best birthday I’ve ever had. That was the day Alex asked  me to marry him.  It was a perfect birthday and the gift speaks for itself.  I’m totally cool with never topping it.

This year Alex picked the perfect spot for us to celebrate my birthday, Nick’s Cove in Tomales Bay!  Nick’s Cove is a great little getaway about an hour and a half north of San Francisco.  The cutest little cottages line the beach and are decorated to the nines.  Not only are they warm and cozy with the most comfortable beds and amazing service but, they allow dogs!  It is extremely rare to find a hotel that is this cute, cool, unique and allow dogs.  Extremely.  We spent the weekend playing catch with the dogs, eating fresh oysters (not me, I don’t like them but, Alex said they were amazing) drinking delicious champagne (which I do like) and more or less spoiling me in every way possible.  This weekend rocked.

Happy Birthday to me at Nick's Cove!

Yesterday after we checked out of Nick’s Cove, we took a nice long drive down highway 1 back to San Francisco.  We stopped along the way to look at some of the cute little towns like Point Reyes and popped in for clam chowder at a random shop we found on the side of the road.  I opened some extremely awesome birthday presents which include an insane telephoto zoom lens (to perfect my inner photographer), out of this world (no joke) Louboutins, and some gorgeous Stella McCartney that look really good in my closet.  Basically what I’m saying is that my husband is a genius.  I’ll be smiling all year.


Later that night I blew out my candles at my favorite San Francisco restaurant, Spruce.  Spruce is tucked into Presidio Heights on a quiet tree-lined street.  The food is incredible, fancy but not stuck up.  My favorite is the butter poached lobster!  My favorite thing about Spruce is the decor (it’s generally how I rate restaurants).  It was designed by my friend Stephen Brady (who also happens to be the executive VP of creative store design for the GAP).  The restaurant is warm and very inviting.  It’s covered in black and brown woods, mohair banquettes, saddle-leather chairs, and contemporary artwork.  I’d like my living room to look that cool.  Maybe I should ask Stephen to come by and give me a hand.

lunchtime pit-stop

pretty lobster buoy's

in case you need to know the hours

lobster boat!

With my amazing birthday behind me I’ve decided it’s time to put my “bad birthday’s” to rest.  I am going to do my best not to hold my breath through the day and instead let myself enjoy it again.  It will be nice to look forward to celebrating my birthday and maybe even let myself soak up the attention a bit.  After this years’ celebration I think I’d be crazy not to welcome a repeat!

silly seals sunning

oyster shells galore!

There were so many pelicans! (for an east coast girl this is exciting)

Mom, your car is dirty and we'd like to get out and play with the seals, please.

I leave for London tomorrow and have a thousand things to do before my flight.  First thing’s first, walking the dogs in my pretty new clothes!

Wishing all of you a very merry un-birthday,


funny little man

so cute!

Nick's Cove!

docks at Nick's Cove


great car!

that will just tempt me..

I love antlers

cute whale!


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  1. sounds just epic, Mizz Maggie! i’m glad you’re learning to re-appreciate the birthday:) give the puppers lots of keeses, and have a safe trip!! 🙂

    January 11, 2011


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