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Barfing Bea

I couldn’t have been happier than to have been awakened to the sounds of Bea barfing at 4am this morning.  It was just what I’d been dreaming of.  I’m lying, it was my worst nightmare.  I love sleeping.  Waking up before I’ve completed my minimum of 8 hours sleep is like pulling porcupine quills out of my eyeballs.

I should have expected it was going to end the way it did.  Yesterday when I took the dogs running she found (of course she did) 4 hidden bowls of cat food which  she gobbled down in 10 seconds flat.  For anyone that doesn’t know, dogs (especially puppies) have to stick to the same food or else their stomachs go haywire.  On top of the 4 bowls of foreign food she consumed, she also picked up something that very closely resembled a dead bird or possibly a mouse.  Anyone who was watching was probably immensely amused however, I was not.  As I was making a mad dash for dear little Bea she managed to finish off the cat food, find and devour whatever dead little thing it is that she found while playing a game of cat and mouse with me.  The mouse was Bea and she won.

So around 4 am this morning when I awoke to sounds of regurgitating and puking from the foot of the bed all I could think of was what I would do if a little bird popped out of Bea’s mouth.  I decided I’d wake Alex up.  Bea must have enjoyed the little animal because all that came out was 4 undigested bowls of cat food.  She looked up at me with hungry eyes as I cleaned up her mess in a fog.  “Mom I usually like food, why did it come out?”

Hoping to not lose anymore sleep I climbed back into my warm bed only to hear Henry throwing up.  He was clearly disgusted by Bea.  Needless to say, I did not get enough sleep last night and my coffee isn’t strong enough this morning.  My lovely little furry friends however, are sleeping soundly.

This all of course happened after I spent 3 hours grooming Bea yesterday.

Mom, maybe we could go play ball instead?

I despise you mother.

Not cool.

I'd like to get down now, please.

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  1. Walks With Wolves #

    I laughed so hard with your Bea comment “…why did it come out?” Oh my goodness ~ thank you needed that laugh.

    January 22, 2011
  2. Marsella #

    Sailor had a fondness for butter left out on the counter in the morning. At least twice a week, an entire stick of Icelandic’s finest – gone. You dont want to know what those walks after resulted in. Amazing that dog wasnt on lipitor…amazing.

    January 21, 2011


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