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So great!

I received this comment today and wanted to share it.  It is so nice to hear stories about my dad’s dogs! Take a look at the Overlook Goldens website, they’re incredible dogs! Thanks Bob!

Overlook Goldens



I can’t believe I stumbled on your blog…your Dad bred my Savannah who became one of two foundation bitches for my breeding program. I remember meeting your Dad and he was so gracious about wanting to help me get started with the right dog. I was already showing but strictly as an amateur. I came to him because he had puppies out of Ready and I loved that dog. I was really looking forward to his mentoring but unfortunately he died when the litter was just a few weeks old. It was a really sad day when I had to go pick up the puppy and knew he wasn’t there. Savannah was a wonderful dog in every sense of the word. She never became the showdog I wanted but I wouldn’t trade her temperament or looks for the world. She became a wonderful brood bitch and she still lives on in several generations of Overlook dogs. I will keep reading!


On a side note, I am extremely busy testing margarita recipes for our dinner party tonight.  I have been lucky enough to meet some of the coolest girls I know since moving to San Francisco.  Luckily for me we share many loves.  Shoes, clothes, dogs, babies, wine, tequila, mexican food, manicures, traveling, …that about covers it. Two of them also coincidentally grew up in NNY, not to far from where I did!  Theses girls also happen to have some pretty stellar men which allow for dinner parties such as tonight to occur.  Alex and the boys can BBQ and smoke cigars and the girls and I do you know, girl things.  Jane Gruber, Auburn Daly, Kate Jamieson if I stalk you tonight and take your pics.. you know where they’ll end up.  Blame the margs.

I better get back to work! It’s a tough job, I’ll do it.


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  1. that is absolutely wonderful, maggie! Clementine and I met one of her brothers while we were at the dog park one day. so adorable, indeed. 🙂 enjoy the delish margaritas:D

    January 26, 2011


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