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How do you define style?

My good friend, author, blogger, and JBC Style’s star Anisha Lakhani is asking friends in fashion “How do you
define style?”

See my answer at (or below) and if you haven’t read Anisha’s book, SCHOOLED, head over to your nearest Barnes and Nobles STAT!


Maggie Rizer Style

Introducing Guest InsiderStyle Contributor Maggie Rizer Mehran
by Maggie Rizer Mehran
I think everyone has a style of some sort.  The problem is, not everyone’s personal style is all that stylish.  To have style, I believe you have to have confidence in who you are and what you want your image to say, or not say.  When you wake up in the morning and pull an outfit together you have a question to answer.  Who am I going to be today, and what do I want people to think of me?

Your style is whatever your answer to that question is.  The choices are endless: ladylike, biker, slob, preppy pearl girl, or major slut to name a few. The choice is yours and the body is a canvas.
Now, having a good personal style, or to be qualified as a stylish person, is another thing all together.  There are few woman who can style an outfit like Kate Moss or Grace Coddington, but many who try.

Having good personal style is something you have to acquire over time.  I believe it’s partially something you’re born with and partially something you learn.  Whether you rock the same look day after day, or have an eclectic sense of styling, the key is making it look effortless and yours.

Clothes are an accessory to us, not the other way around.


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  1. anishanyc #

    Thank you SO much, Maggie! I had no idea you did a post on my post on your guest post – – hahahahha – I love cyber space! But seriously, I always love your writing style because it’s so refreshingly honest, unexpectedly quirky, and always a pleasure to read. We were so honored to have you on!


    February 11, 2011
  2. Walks With Wolves #

    I live in my sister’s hand-me-ups (she dosen’t like to shop, she likes to buy) ~ that is my style. However, because of her style and who I am I’ve made it mine. I do give her credit though for bringing color into my life. Great article lady.

    I’ve always wanted to ask, what’s with the slouchy poses? Growing up ~ “stand up straight”, “shoulders back” were my parent’s matra. Just wondering.

    Love your blog!

    February 2, 2011


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