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San Francisco, Ca

It’s true, that’s Bea’s real name!  Show dogs have strange names, not like Fido, Snoopy, or Pluto.  The first part of the name is the kennel name (Rizer’s Goldens) and it’s followed by something that fits into the “theme” of the litter.

My fatty little Bea.

For example, the theme of Henry’s litter was NURSERY RHYMES.  So, Henry’s siblings “registered” names are things like, Rizer Bo-Bo Blacksheep, Rizer Tweedle Dee, Rizer Georgie Porgie, Rizer Pied Piper, and then of course there’s my dog. For some reason I was set on the name Henry, it suits him perfectly.  In order to name him Henry I had to find a nursery rhyme with the name Henry in it, so obviously I researched until I found something close enough and Rizer Henry the Eighth was named!

Beatrice came from a very small litter (2) and since she was the only one that was going to become a show dog, I was asked to choose the theme of the litter! A mistake?!?  Nah.  In all seriousness, what did anyone think I was going to choose?  A planet theme? Trees, oceans, famous dogs in history? No chance.  Since little Bea was born on the east coast and would be moving to the west coast (sound like someone else you know?) We thought a bicoastal twist would be good.  Then we mixed that in with my love for fashion and a splash of her new life to come and WHOALA!


Going along with the bicoastal theme, I am off tomorrow for a dose of the east coast.  My travels will be taking me to Newport Rhode Island for a few days before heading off to NYC until the following week.  I’ll be working, going to the NY AMFAR Gala (which I still need a dress for!) and I’ll be sure to pack in a few of the NY fall/winter 2011 shows. I will also of course catch up with friends and make it to NOBU and Kenmare at least once or twice before heading home late Sunday, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

In the mean time, here are some pics from my trip to Seattle last week! What a fun and beautiful city!

If you haven’t made it to your opposite coast lately, give it a whirl!  Sun or snow, it’s good for the soul!

Safe travels!



lavender sachets at the market!

Space Needle!!!




Ya.. as if I hadn't heard.

Cheese = DANGER





rainy Seattle!




Home to the first Starbucks! God bless them...




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  1. Julia #

    PS: Love Mac’s new Space Needle pajamas. I will send you a

    February 5, 2011
  2. Julia #

    Bo-Bo is: Rizer’s Goldens Little Bo Peep. aka: Burbit or
    Chubby Puppy. We are going to register Mac as Rizer’s Goldens

    February 5, 2011


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