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Rebecca Taylor

As it happens for me these days, my time in NYC was exciting, hectic, and short.  If I had it my way, NYC and the west coast would have a little draw bridge which you could cross with a BMX bike or a horse.  Something that doesn’t involve an hour ride to the airport followed by a painfully long wait/security headache, which of course all happens pre-6.5 hours on a plane.  It’s just my opinion but, if man can fly to the moon and we can “face-time” someone in China, can’t we invent time travel?  Seems like a no-brainer to me.

At any rate, I miss the east coast terribly, especially this time of year.  Having grown up in one of the coldest area’s (NNY), I really miss the snow/sleet/hail/freeze your butt off windchill that dear old San Francisco does not have the pleasure of enjoying. Luckily for me, the NYC weather did not disappoint.  I was lucky enough to be under dressed, slip on ice and walk through snow in 5″ heals just enough to welcome SF back with open arms.




With Garcelle Beauvais

Unfortunately, I was only able to be in NY for the first half of fashion week this year. I tried to pull my weight and I certainly had an amazing time for the few days I was there.  As I mentioned in my FEB 10 entry, my week started off with a bang with some amazing events such as the NY AMFAR Gala, BCBG show, a fabulous FENDI party, the launch of the Douglas Hannant fragrance, Cinema Society screening of Cedar Rapids, and that was just the beginning.


After taking a total digger at the Fendi party (no joke you should see my knee) I decided to calm things down a bit and wear shorter heels. I cut my schedule in half but, I still managed to fly around manhattan at least a billion times.  Friday morning began with the Rebecca Taylor show followed by Costello Tagliapietra. If you don’t know either of these designers I highly suggest you check them out immediately! Rebecca’s clothes are incredibly feminine, comfortable and flirty – I think half of my wardrobe is her dresses.  Costello Tagliapietra makes some of the most incredibly designed, chic and gorgeous duds that are out there.  They’re also two of the sweetest, kindest and adorable men.



Robert Tagliapietra, Jeffrey Costello

Following my AM activities I ran back to my hotel to change and to meet Alex who was in town for a little work of his own.  Once clad in my Nicole Miller frock we darted back uptown to say hi to Nicole and show our support at her amazing show.  Nicole never disappoints and this year was one more example.  I wanted everything on the runway. Everything.

Nicole’s show was followed by a whirlwind of a weekend which included Cynthia Rowley, an event for the Humane Society, dinner at NOBU, a party for Purple Magazine, the Elise Overland show, a fun brunch at the Standard Grill with friends, dinner at The Lion with Nicole and her lovely husband and very very little sleep.

I am back in San Francisco for the moment and going to do my best to get through my seemingly endless “to-do” list before heading off to New Orleans on Friday.  Needless to say, the dogs are not happy with me.


Here’s to hoping time travel will be invented, Maggie



Garcelle Beauvais, Me, Louise Roe, Michelle Trachtenberg and Nicola Peltz














With Douglas Hannant
















with Gigi Stone at Fendi
































With Kimbery Guilfoyle, Ainsley Earhardt, Gigi Stone, and Beata Boman

















Alex and me at Nicole Miller


















With Sara Ziff at Nicole Miller





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