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My sweet Hen

We had a bit of a scare with Henry tonight.  Those who know me, know that Henry is basically my right arm, 3/4 of my heart, half of my brain and the only reason I remained somewhat sane the past 9 years of my life.  I wish I was kidding.  Henry is not just another dog to me.  He’s my guardian angel and I hope I’m his.

Long story short Hen has been battling with arthritis for a while now.   You’d never know it since he will run and swim like an olympic gold medalist if you have a tennis ball in your hand.  He won’t whimper or look the least bit put out when I ask him to jump in the car, even though he’s in incredible pain.  No, Hen just wants to make me happy and he’ll do anything possible to make sure he does.

You can only imagine the horror that went through my head yesterday morning when Roland from Patrick Canine called before dropping the dogs off to let me know that while playing ball Hen had accidentally tripped and hurt his foot.  Roland thought he had perhaps sprained his shoulder, I assumed it was just his arthritis flaring up.  We jointly decided to give Henry some Bayer aspirin and see how he was doing the next morning.

This morning Henry was in bad shape.  In fact, he couldn’t stand up.  I called Doctor E. ASAP and scheduled an appointment for Hen’s leg to be checked out.  I assumed he needed to be upped on his meds or that Roland was right and he had, in fact sprained his leg.  I was not expecting Dr. E to tell me what she did.

Upon examining Henry, Dr. E said she’d need to keep him for the afternoon as she wanted to XRAY his legs, in fear of a tumor.  Yeah.  I think I shot daggers at her from my eyeballs and flatly said, “No thanks, we won’t be needing that”.  She disagreed.  Apparently it’s fairly common in dogs of Hen’s young age and symptoms to have tumors cause “arthritis like” conditions.  I guess catching it sooner than later can only be a plus so, I hesitantly left my beloved Henry to be sedated, XRAY’d and worst of all, diagnosed.

I spent the majority of the afternoon making things up to do, only to keep my mind off of Henry.  It didn’t work.  When Dr. E called around 7 tonight to let me know the “good and bad” news, I thought I was going to die.  Henry has literally been my heart and soul since he was brought into this world and I can not imagine him leaving it.  When I was told that Henry “probably” did not have a tumor my heart lifted immediately.  When she told me his arthritis had escalated to a 9 out of 10 but that we could work with him to make things better, I felt relief.

As of now, Henry is being medicated on Tramadol and Meloxicam and his activity (ball time) is being reduced to minimal.  His XRAYS are being sent out for further examination but, expected to come back with a negative tumor reading.  It better.

I know everyone is highly sensitive when it comes to their pets and that going through any kind of health scare/loss of a pet is such an incredibly overwhelming experience.  With that in mind, let’s all make sure to make the most of the time we have with our furry creatures and to always think of the dogs, cats, birds, and even snakes that are in shelters or homeless that are in dire need of our help and love.  A dollar, an hour of love or even a lifetime of a commitment would make the life of one of these unfortunate animals.  Visit your local shelter, SPCA, or humane society and give a pet a chance.

Henry-you’re getting a steak for dinner tonight and my bed is your bed.

Love to our furry friends, here and past, Maggie

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  1. OH NO!!! Sending you and Henry some good vibes and best wishes… I lost my baby 2 years ago and know all too well the pain it causes from your head to your toes… I hope everything goes SUPER well with Henry and you get to share Lots more years of love and happiness together… Poor baby… my heart goes out to you both…

    February 21, 2011
  2. Marcia Downes #

    Maggie, anyone who has loved , lost and gone through health issues with a “furry companion”, is feeling your concern and angst with regards to Henry..I am so glad that the news was what it was…I know he will get the love and care (and steaks) to weather this and continue to play ball for many years to come.
    I have lost many humans in my life, but losing my first Golden, Amber 5 years ago ,is a hole that cannot be filled.. Lucy came into our life immediately after (she is the golden that I swear is Bea’s twin) and has found her own special place..bringing so much love and laughter.
    Lucy and I will send lots of good thoughts and get well wishes to Henry and be anxious to hear his progress…

    Marcia Downes and Lucy

    February 17, 2011
  3. Walks With Wolves #

    What a difficult situation to share. But boy, do you hit the nail on the head. I become frantic with worry when my sweet Rowe-Quinn has trouble moving about. He’s such a baby to boot, but his cries and THAT look! Wrenches my heart.

    February 16, 2011
  4. mercer #

    Get better soon, Henry!!!! I’m sending good thoughts your way!

    February 16, 2011
  5. Sorry to hear about your troubles with Hen, Maggie. It’s totally sucks when our beloved four-legged family members get sick. I lost Joey this fall and it was heartbreaking. I really felt like I was missing my best friend. So, good thoughts going Hen and your way from me and Zus, the new puppy.

    February 16, 2011
  6. David Steward #

    You may want to check out

    They appear to have had success treating arthritis with stem cells.

    February 16, 2011


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