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New York Post Scary Shih Tzu Style

Harold Moscowitz and Luigi Maestro are NOT pleased with The New York Post today. This article suggests, “New York’s most vicious dogs are, in this order, the pit bull, the Rottweiler, the Shih Tzu, Chihuahua and standard poodle.”  First of all, Chihuahuas, Harold believes, are 100 percent more violent than he is. Aren’t they those nasty little guys that eat all the tacos? Shih Tzus, on the other hand, stem from dog royalty; the oldest variety of the Tibetan holy dogs and the treasured gems of theChinese Imperial Palace. Needless to say, JBCStyle resident Shih Tzus Harold Moscowitz and Luigi Maestro are furious. They are convinced Lorena Mongelli and Kevin Fasick (authors of troubling piece) must have cats. There is just no other explanation. 

Not very stylish style. . .

An outrage
Luigi is little and cries while Nikki assuages his aching heart (Note our stylish new logo and new, red accent walls!)
It all started this morning at the newstand. . . right after JBCStyle Creative Director Anisha received a buzz of text messages. Many people thought it was her dog on the cover (due to a little, er, misunderstanding last week – more on that later). Harold and Luigi wanted to come investigate this incredible breach of style for themselves. . .

Largely, they are not happy. But they will let it go. There may have been an incident just last week involving one of the little guys above, a nose, some blood, an emergency room, and stitches. There’s some worry that The Post really might be Big Brother.

Harold and Luigi conclude that the cover stems from jealousy (if Lorena and Kevin don’t have cats, then the only explanation is that they wish they were Shih Tzus). An outlandish breach of DoggieStyle.
Sorry, Billy. – H.M.
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