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Nights in New Orleans:

Having almost fully recovered from an awesome weekend in New Orleans celebrating my friend Lydia’s stellar wedding, I am

Daiquiri's in NOLA!

back in San Francisco busy, yet again.  I should start by saying that I have never been to a more sensational wedding.  From the decorations, ambiance and music to the bride’s incredible gown.  Everything was perfect.  The guests couldn’t have looked more beautiful and chic and there was so much love in the air the entire weekend for the gorgeous couple.  Congratulations Lydia and Chris!


If you haven’t made in to New Orleans recently, it is one amazing city!  I hadn’t been there in a few year’s and was really excited to get back! Aside from the fabulous wedding festivities, I dragged Alex all around this amazing city.  We stayed at the always spectacular RITZ, made it to 2 great restaurants, Brennan’s and Cafe Amelie, both of which were awesome and which I highly recommend.  The architecture in New Orleans is absolutely gorgeous, the people are happy and friendly, the air is filled with jazz, and there are daiquiri’s on every corner.  New Orleans rocks.







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