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I consider myself a pretty well-seasoned mover.  This is not something I am proud of nor happy about, it’s more just a fact.

Bea helping me pack!!

Over the years I have moved myself and various doggies 18 times.  This is not including summers, prolonged trips to Europe or sleepovers. I just never seemed to settle down.  This time I’m putting my foot down, maybe.

There are some key things that are involved in a move and none of which are enjoyable (until you’re settled in your happy new home).  First clearly comes finding a new home and committing to it emotionally and financially.  Second, finding a new home for your present home and finally, the move.  There’s no bouncing around the issue, packing and unpacking stinks.  Most recently, I have packed and moved out of the Newport, RI house and packed the entire first floor of the cottage in NNY.  Luckily, this was just for renovation purposes.  I still have the joy of moving everything back to its place to look forward to.

I think the worst move I ever experienced was moving into and out of my first apartment in NYC.  181 Prince street 5th floor, walk-up.  For reasons only I actually think made sense, I believed that everything would fit.  This was despite the many weight, measurement, and angular issues that had been presented to me.  Apparently bringing large couches up 5 windy floors isn’t as simple as it sounded to me.  Long story short, I lived on a pullout love-seat for the summer with little else in the apartment, good thing I traveled as much as I did.  I came to my senses 2 short months later and moved into a nice brownstone in the w.village on the first floor.  I’m a quick learner, just stubborn sometimes.

Today, many years later I have learned a thing or two about moving.  To begin with, throw out, donate and give away!  Why pay to move things you don’t need?  Next I would say only move clean things.  For example, wash the dog beds and dirty socks before boxing them.  Kick the stress by packing at your leisure and most importantly, depend on your friendly movers to move you.  That is what they’re there for!

In the past I used to wrap every little thing a thousand times.  I’d wrap each dish and nick nack and then re-wrap as a group when everything went into the box.  I would label and organize things that were “like” into the same box and ask the movers to keep certain boxes together and so on.  What did I learn from this?  It would never work.  So, today if I can give anyone a bit of advice about moving might I suggest you pack what you can quickly and simply.  Move your cherished items yourself (the dogs aren’t being boxed) and leave the rest for the movers.  If, on the other hand you’re moving sans movers – think again about moving.  That, or good luck!

I should mention that one of the main reasons for the move is that the darling goldens have requested a bigger yard.  They rule our roost……

I’m off to finish working on my magic move (going to get a manicure)!  Much love, Maggie

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