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There are some things that I know I am good at (shopping, loving goldens) some that I know I’m horrible at (tidiness, patience) and others that I’m still out to lunch with (decorating).  Although I would love to say that I’m an absolute genius when it comes to presenting a home in the best possible light, I’m not positive that it wouldn’t be a lie.  Hopefully one day I will be able to say it with confidence but, not for now.

As I’ve said, I’ve lived in many homes, most of which I’ve never taken seriously (knew I wouldn’t live there long enough to care).  The few homes where I did try, I know I fell a little short.  The first would have to be the cottage, my home in Northern New York, on Lake Ontario.  I went for somewhat of a nautical/shabby chic look.  It’s cute and I think it works but, there are definitely some holes I could fill in.  The rooms don’t have that “finished look” that I wish they did.  There are spaces not quite perfectly filled, linens which could “fit” better and countertop pieces which look a little lost.  Whatever, I love it there.

The other home where I actually think I tried to give a “polished look” would be my apartment on Franklin Street in NYC, where I lived for about 6 years.  Ok, I was 19 when I bought and designed it which means I get a little slack here.  I had been recently traveling to Asia a lot and for some reason (totally unlike me) I went with a very Asian theme when designing this condo.  I had a 4 poster bed shipped from Bali, bought many Japanese pieces and decorated my walls with lots of birds and bamboo.  All of this and I’m into goldens and the GAP.  Cool apartment but, it didn’t make sense, right?

Today as we are 3 days away from a move, I find myself obsessing over where each piece of furniture will go where and exactly what it is that I need to perfectly finish this home.  I have done some serious reseach so far and feel like I’m coming along pretty well.  We are doing the living room in one of my favorites, Montauk Sofa which I have loved and admired for years and years.  In fact, I often stopped by and relaxed on their sofa’s while walking through SOHO.  I have been obsessing over which wallpapers to get and just tonight ordered samples from my favorite, COLE & SONS.  I am seriously dying to get the actual paper in my hands and to get to work.  I grew up with my mom wallpapering everything including light switches and lamp shades so, this is something I’m serious about.  About 5 minutes ago I ordered a new automatic dog door and automatic dog feeding bowls which I’m predicting will save me about 30 minutes a day.  I have new Pratesisheets picked out and ready to go along with paint colors, a landscape architect and a curtain maker, curtesy of my wonderful mother-in-law!  Basically, I’m approaching this house like Nate Berkus and I plan to conquer.

I’ll be sure to keep you up to date with my many failures and hopefully many wins! In the mean time, take a look at my wallpaper “top picks” below!  Decorating and changing things up is so much fun!

Thanks to my dear friend Anisha for recommending this beautiful wallpaper!

With decorative loving thoughts, Maggie

At a dinner party in SF Saturday night! Photo by Lucinda!









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  1. Where does one get those auto fill dog bowls? I need those too.


    February 28, 2011
  2. Thank you for the wallpaper tip! I had never heard of that company an dit looks fabulous!

    February 28, 2011


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