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Bea’s Boycott

Lap dog Bea

My little Beatrice has been preparing for her future as a show dog for 8 months now.  I didn’t want to sign up for a show until I was confident that neither she nor I would cause a huge embarrassment to the Golden Retriever community.  My goal is to not be asked to leave the show and never to return.

To prepare for the shows we have been taking conformation classes and I’ve been working on learning to groom her and keeping her “physique” in fine form.  Finally our day has come where I truly believe we are ready.  It was my impression that both of us (Beatrice and myself) were thrilled and could not wait to get out there and give it our best shot.  Apparently I was mistaken.

Since signing us up for the upcoming shows at the end of March in Vallejo, Ca Bea has managed to make it clear to me that she would prefer to be a lap dog.  As of yesterday when I enrolled in the shows, Bea started chasing her tail (not show-dog behavior) ate a brick of cheese off the counter (I should probably thank her for that) has become incredibly clingy, and best of all ate her blow dryer.  I should have seen it coming but, sadly I did not.  Unlike my blow dryer, Bea’s is a “specialty blow dryer – a $350 “specialty blow-dryer”.  A “specialty blow-dryer” she apparently didn’t want me to use on her anymore.  Well Bea, mission accomplished.  Until Monday’s Fed-Ex delivery that is.  I’m not sure Bea eating her own blow-dryer was what they meant by lifetime warranty but, in my book it is.

Le "specialty blow-dryer" and damage

Thanks Bea

I’m hoping Bea’s recent outbreaks are just a result of our move this past week. I’m banking on her settling down and returning to the show dog she was bred to be.  We’ll keep working on perfecting her gait, my handling abilities and making sure she stacks perfectly.  Luckily, my step-fathers (Scott and Seann) who have far more experience in this then I do (and who bred Bea) will be making the trip west to accompany me at our first show.  Two words: THANK GOD.  I have confidence that they won’t let either Bea or me look like a fool.

My hope is that our debut in Vallejo will earn Bea “Best in Show”, or we’ll at least get to meet the winner.  Only time will tell!

Praying to the Bea Gods,


My show dog??

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  1. Marcia Downes #

    Can’t get enough of “the adventures of Bea”, look forward to hearing how you both fair in her first show…lots of credit for you both taking on “the show world”…wow! Westminster here you come!!!

    Maggie, I was wondering how Henry is doing , any improvement with the treatment he was starting? I hope no news is good news on that front…..

    March 6, 2011
  2. Andy(Andrea) Webb #

    Bea is a down to earth dog, like all dogs are supposed to bea.(teehee) She is well grounded and has made it clear, that, like her “Mom”, she is not artificial. She values being a dog. She is not a reality star—Thank God!
    Can I still say “God”?
    Bea would like to hunt and fish. She can swim. She would like to be a service dog, maybe, and help someone who is afraid to leave their room in the Assisted Living Center, AKA , dumping ground for unwanted old people. Maybe she would like to visit the adolescent floor of the Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, NY, and connect with some kids that most adults have given up on. What about the war vets who need a friend to get them back into operation? Hey, she might like to help out at the jail—-in the drug addict area, where some kids from near SF need someone who actually cares about them. You know those towns that need the most help, by now, Mom. Compton, where people are trying to keep their honor by encouraging their agriculture in town, are an example.
    I like Bea. I say, “Bea, boycott that fluffy rich kid stuff, and help the people you know need you!!!” You are a smart puppy—-like your sweet Mom!

    March 6, 2011


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