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Picking up Chicks?!

It’s a good thing I’m a girl and I like men (a man) because I would be terrible at getting girls to date me.  Why do I know this? I’m trying.  No seriously.

When we moved to San Francisco from NYC a year and a half ago, I was so fortunate to find a really great group or girls to hang out with.  Not only do I really enjoy them but, Alex really likes their men.  This = fun dinner parties for me.  This is not to say the fun has ended.  I am extremely far from writing off dinners or my friendships with any of these lovely girls or their men.

To say I have been in San Francisco 5 of the 8 days since our move is not a lie.  I love many things about that gorgeous city including my meat man (Marina Meats), hair salon,(Christopher at Joseph Cozza),  shopping (when not being lazy and doing it online), not to mention, friends.  Our move to Diablo, Ca (35 minutes in no traffic) west of SF wasn’t to avoid SF or anything at all to do with it, it was just to allow me to sleep more.  I’m not kidding.  Here, in peaceful Diablo, no garbage trucks, streets being torn up or neighbors televisions keep me up at night or tear me from my slumber.  I do not even hear the conversations of those who pass by below our windows at night (something that hasn’t happened to me since I was 16).  In fact, in Diablo – as unimaginable as it is to me, the sidewalk does not go under any of our windows. On top of no street noise, and quiet, friendly neighbors we are now 10 minutes away from Alex’s office, as opposed to the 45-60 minutes when coming from SF (in commuting traffic). All of this + yard and pool for dogs amounts to my sleep getting much closer to the desired goal.

Now, my problem.  I do not know anyone in Diablo except for Alex’s dear grandmother, who I have seen 4 times in 8 days and speak to regularly now.  In fact, she’s coming for dinner tonight.  I’ve decided that its high time I made some friends in Diablo.  My only problem with this is that, I don’t think anyone wants to be friends with me.  I have tried talking to girls at the post office, striking up conversation to “potential friends” when out with the dogs, asking questions in the grocery store to girls who look like we’d be friends, inquiring about local Pilates studio’s to girls in work out clothes… I’m getting desperate and I look like a fool.  How do guys do it?  I’ve avoided any and all cheesy pick up lines I’ve had to dodge in the past and clearly anything with a sexual reference.  For some reason I can’t seem to even get a number.  Maybe all the girls in Diablo have all the friends they need or maybe I look unapproachable?  I swear I’m fairly easy-going and require little attention.

If you know anyone in Diablo or the general area who fits into a majority of my “types”, please let me know.

not allergic to dogs, amusing, happy, likes to trade clothes, can travel, likes to exercise but not in excess, not a pearl girl, faithful, enjoys wine and watching boys BBQ, can talk about important topics such as The Bachelor, American Idol, Biggest Loser, and WWD……does not match shoes and bags & ideally has a man Alex will like!

I’m off to Starbucks and the nail salon to give my luck a try.

Wish me luck picking up chicks,


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  1. Sarah #

    What about online dating? Just kidding. Well, there are those meet-up groups that are for people who share interests… I found a French mommy group that way. Not ideal, but I was semi desperate. 🙂

    March 9, 2011
  2. Maggie,

    Does this mean the LL Bean SIGNATURE catalog never made it to Diablo?!! Must be.

    Keep you chin up! There are plenty of great folks in Diablo.

    March 9, 2011
  3. Julia #

    Please feel free to add me as a reference.

    March 8, 2011


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