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Renovation Relationship

There seems to be a lot of renovating going on in my life at the moment.  To start with, our recent move into Diablo, Ca and out of San Francisco Ca.  Then there was the move a few months back OUT of Newport, RI (for the moment-I love it too much to leave permanently)!  Additionally, there is the renovation at the cottage in NNY.  I feel like I’ve been spending more time looking at wallpaper, bathroom and closet design’s and searching for “just the right refrigerator for the bar”.  No, not such a sad me.  Just a “very ready to live in the renovated rather then having a relationship with renovation” me.  If you know what I mean.

Today was a “are you kidding me on top of all this other junk” kind of day.  To begin with, my contractor thought I ordered all of the appliances and I thought he did.  Then, as I was assuming my appliance store must have ordered them, they called me to ask where the bar sink was.  My mind churned as Bea puked up mysterious berries she found outside and Albert lapped it up with joy.  Clearly this was my job and it was done poorly.

Long story short, I did my best to order an entire kitchen online via the Watertown, NY Loews store.  It did not work, at first.  After spending the 20 minutes submitting my choices (the ones the NNY kitchen has been modeled around) I was told that half of them were out of stock and the other half just simply could not be delivered to the address.  Bea continued to puke.  Al continued to eat it.  I decided I had to bite the bullet and make a phone call to get this kitchen under control.

After about an hour and a half on the phone with Joe at the Watertown, NY Lowes everything was under control and on it’s way to being delivered, free of charge and in an expedited fashion.  Thank you Joe.

Unfortunately our NNY kitchen has been delayed a tad due to the miscommunication on appliance ordering duty.  I have lots of faith that it will be completed by the next time I make my way home to NNY and I cannot wait to see my fresh shiny floors and gorgeous cabinets!  A kitchen that I did not design at the age of 19 will be a very nice kitchen to be in.

My mother in law is coming tomorrow with her curtain man and for help on our closet/bathroom (I never have enough closet space) renovation so I think it’s important to get some quality American Idol time in before then.

Off to Stinson Beach for the weekend! I hope you enjoy yours as much as the dogs will enjoy theirs!  Maggie


Some new pics that just came out!





April 2011 UK Marie Claire



Shot at Spring Studios in London




Amazing makeup artist Andre Gallimore!



UK Marie Claire was so fun to work with!



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  1. my gosh you are so, so beautiful! the last one is my

    March 10, 2011


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