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Swimmin’ in Stinson

I love the admiral.

Our lucky little family enjoyed a beautiful few days at Stinson Beach this weekend with my wonderful Mother-in-Law, Lucinda! This getaway couldn’t have come at a better time as we have been working non-stop getting our new home into tip-top shape.  The goldens were also very ready for some time at the beach, since their mom discovered the pool cover.  Unlike me, they find no problem with running from the pool, into and around the house and shaking their furry selves all over, as I am trying to clean.

The tide came in quickly!

It was a perfect relaxing weekend.  We played catch with the dogs on the beach, watched as Bea gleefully attacked everyone in her sight (lovingly of course) and turned away as the dogs #2’d in the ocean (what can you really do at that point?).  We also got in lots of quality reading time, bought out the Sinson Market (why not?) did some sightseeing in Bolinas, and had a delicious dinner at the Sand Dollar.

Alex and his mom!

Saturday afternoon we had a visit from our favorite Watercolor Artist, Sally Robertson.  Sally created the most beautiful portraits of Henry and Albert a few years ago!  We have them hanging proudly on our walls and recently, Bea got jealous.  Luckily for us, Sally agreed to come visit with Bea and consult with her on the artistic direction to be taken for this very special golden.   I think everyone should have a beautiful watercolor of their favorite furry friend.

Sally's portrait of Hen

If you haven’t had the pleasure of making it to Stinson Beach, I cannot recommend it enough!  It’s perfectly relaxing, amazingly beautiful and totally worth every second spent there!  Thank you Lucinda for a perfect weekend!

With loving thoughts,


At the pretty beach!

Swimmin' in Stinson!

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