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Truth Racing

I have a new man in my life.  Actually, I think it’s a her.  Aren’t sailboats referred to in the feminine? I am not completely sure.  I knew very little about sailboats until the past few years – that’s a lie, I knew nothing about them except that they float.  Unlike those in the sailing “know” I grew up in the sailing “don’t know” and well, I’m doing my best to learn.

After a few years of dating, Alex let the cat out of the bag and I discovered that I’d been dating a sailor, who just had been on hiatus for a bit.  In 2008 Alex joined his friend Nick on a sailing adventure with a boat (excuse my sailing vocabulary) named Cutlass.  To make a very long story short, they were insanely successful and won more trophy’s then they give out at the Olympics!  They raced everywhere from Jamaica, Fort Lauderdale, around the BVI’s, Newport, the Caribbean, Nantucket and more. Most significantly for Alex was the single handed (only him) Newport to Bermuda race that he won by over 100 miles, pretty awesome!

All in all, they won, won won and Alex’s passion for sailing catapulted.

Alex racing on Cutlass

To be fair, I hated many moments of it.  My non sailing, doting boyfriend became obsessed with something other than me.  What to do? Learn to love it, and I did-mostly.

Once the Cutlass experience sadly came to an end, I got my loving and doting boyfriend/husband back.  The sad part was, both of us missed the sailing life-and the trophy’s.

Sailing on Cutlass

Today, after much thought, time and dedication we have embarked on a new sailing adventure.  In this experience we hope to have as much fun as was had with Cutlass, as well as the success and trophy’s, clearly.  Luckily, my doting husband has my need for doting at heart along with his dedication to work and to the three adorable Goldens.  Although he won’t be sailing 24/7 like he was before, he certainly has to put the time and work into this new boat to prepare for the races.  Safety is the number one concern, speed and performance as a close second.  Alex has named the boat well and I’m sure it will stand the test of time.  TRUTH RACING has hit the water and is, as I type is preparing to compete in the most competitive sailing races around the world.  The boat is a class 50 (it’s 50 feet long) has zero cushions, no refrigerator and a portable toilet, which I insisted on.  It’s for racing, not so awesome for leisure.

The first race is this summer from LA to HAWAII, it’s called the TRANSPAC.  I’ll be watching every step of the way as TRUTH crosses the Pacific with Alex and just one other sailor on board.  I promise to post lots of pictures and updates but, in the mean time take a look at Alex’s site (work in progress) and his progress with TRUTH.

Truth Racing

Here’s to happy sailing,


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  1. Walks With Wolves #

    How very exciting! In my world ‘sailing’ [period] is a luxury. Hope you both have a blast!

    March 19, 2011
  2. RPL #

    She is a mean racing machine!! Good luck !

    March 18, 2011


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