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Saintly Saturdays

For me, weekends used to be about packing in as much madness and chaos as I could dream up into a 48 hour period.  No longer. These days, my 10 parties, 6 events, beach time and travel records have been put aside, in favor of sleep.  It’s something I suppose has evolved over the years but, a lifestyle change I just realized when I tried to sneak off to bed at 7pm last night.  Luckily, Alex was right behind me.

This weekend, in lieu of traveling to an obscure getaway, skipping off to the opposite coast to visit friends, the middle of Utah for mountain biking, Mexico for kite skiing (me=sunbathing), or a random National Park… just because, we did something relatively boring.  We stayed home.

It was a jam-packed weekend filled with exciting things like cleaning the garage, grooming the dogs, sweeping leaves, exercising and barbecuing.  Well, Saturday was.

In fear of being too lazy, we managed to make it out to the Hope Galato raise awareness for Juvenile Diabetes at the Ritz in SF Saturday night.  It was a beautiful evening and the room was filled with love and support for Diabetes.  We were so lucky to be included in such an amazing event!  My gorgeous friend Kristin Klonoski from Astrophel and Stella made me the MOST beautiful buttercream yellow evening gown which I just might start wearing 24/7.  As soon as I have some pictures I’ll be sure to put them up so you can see her stunning design!

Finally to sum up our lazy weekend, we had to include a little sailing!  No weekend in our home would be complete without a little TRUTH RACING.  Sunday morning we jumped aboard TRUTH with our good friends Kate and Dave Jamieson and headed out on the SF Bay!   It couldn’t have been a more beautiful or relaxing day on the water!  We were out for about 5 hours, took a gorgeous full tour of the Bay, sailed under and around the Golden Gate Bridge, past the shores of San Francisco, Sausalito, Belvedere, and Tiburon and managed to get lots of sun, despite my best efforts of applying and reapplying sunscreen (yes Julia-lots of sunscreen).  By the time we put the boat away and made our way home, the sun was setting and our beautiful, relaxing and boring weekend was coming to an end.

This weekend I’m off to Paris and London sans any Goldens or husband despite the Easter holiday.  Luckily, Alex has another big race to prepare for the Transpacand Hen, Al and Bea have some holes to dig and bones to destroy.  Something tells me that while I’m shooting in a smoke-filled, dark studio in Paris during all hours of daylight next weekend, I’ll be dreaming of boring Saintly Saturdays and beautiful breezy Sundays on the Bay.

I believe laziness is the wave of the future,


Alex and Dave Sailing on Truth!

Kate, taking in the views!

Alex and Dave

Me and Kate, we look cold but, it was fun!

Bishop Ranch sail representing!

Getting too much sun!

It was so foggy by the Golden Gate!

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