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Haute Hotels

I am a hotel snob.  It’s totally fair to say and although it may come off as snobbish, I assure you it’s not.  I love hotels – the Holiday Inn, Grand Floridian, Bristol*, Hilton and Four Seasons Bali, all alike.  There’s just something spectacular about knowing the moment you walk into a hotel that your every need will be cared to and you don’t even have to make the bed.

My view from my hiding spot.

Now, I should go a step further.  Having spent my fair share of time in hotels I, like many of you, have created my very own “hit list” of hotel love and hates.  This compilation along with trial and error has led me to a conclusion.   Among the hotels of the world, I happen to be particularly fond of  specific, super-lux hotels that come with a twist of precise characteristics.  What are the odds?  It’s the character which really makes or breaks it for me.  I can’t help that my back prefers triple down Cal King beds with 18 pillows.

This brings me to my point.  My point, more or less is that the Hotel Le Bristol is the only place to stay in Paris.  It hits all of my loves and none of my hates.  The Bristol is quiet, has enormous godly bathrooms, gigantic soft (like butter) beds, an extensive room service menu, to die for spa, gorgeous decor & architecture, and service like no other.  They also get anything and everything done in no time at all and pretend that they like it.  Trust me, I’ve had them do it all.

My super chic Hotel Costes look.

Next point, I am not staying at the Bristol this time is Paris.  Gasp, Cry, Cringe, and Die.  Yes- I agree.  It is actually ok.   I am staying at the Uber Fab Hotel Costes where everyone in their brother wants to be, see, and be seen- except moi.  The hotel Costes has MANY of my loves but, sadly my biggest hate.  Let me first say that this hotel is gorgeous, sexy, cozy, fabulously decorated, and the spa is like dreaming of getting a massage in heaven.  I swear to you.  Problem you may ask?  The lobby is worse than a fashion show.

It’s my worst nightmare to be honest.  People come from far and wide, “so-called fashionistas” swarm morning, noon and night dressed in their most fashionable get ups to lurk in the lobby/bar/restaurant of this famed people watching hotel- and it makes me insane.  I’m not sure what the worst part is for me, that people actually believe in the word “hot-spot” or that they brag about going.  Whichever it is, while I’m thoroughly enjoying my super lux room, service and the sin worthy spa you will not find me people watching down below.

In the next few days, if you see a blur of 5’9″ at the Costes walking at 90mph, dressed in cutoffs and a white tank with hair pulled back sloppily, it’s fair to say that’s me.  Hotels for me are meant to be a home away from home, a time where I can relax in a t-shirt and be as unimpressive as possible.  Chic, I know.

Please try to get to bed earlier tonight “fashionistas” of the Costes.  By the time it was quiet last night, I was getting up.


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  1. Maggie,
    You should write a book on hotels. I think it would be very interesting. And it would be helpful to high end travelers.

    I know a publisher who may be interested.

    April 24, 2011


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