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Happily Ever After

I’ve decided that since I (and all of us in the USA) don’t have our own princess that, Kate gets to be ours now too.  She could totally pass for your All-American girl next door and well, she shops at Banana Republic and wears McQueen so, in my book she’s in.

I have to start by saying that The Royal Wedding could not have been more spectacular and beautiful if it had been made from a fairytale.  It was just stunning, start to finish.  My favorite three parts of this spectacular wedding would be (in this order) her dress, the 2nd kiss, and their smiles.  I think it’s true that you can see true love shining through and this for sure, is true love.

Now, the dress. In my opinion, choosing MQueen to represent her style on her wedding day, Kate has made leaps and bounds as a new fashion icon.  It would have been easy and probably more acceptable (to the royal family and middle- America–sorry, Britain) if Kate had chosen a more traditional British designer (Cranston or Oldfield).  Instead of playing it safe or “following the rules” Kate made a fashionable choice in choosing McQueen.  I truly believe Kate will lead us in fashion over the years, representing herself as a strong, independent and fashionable woman and Princess.   A Princess who has a sense of fashion, is my only real kind of Princess.

Along with most of my married friends, I don’t think I completely understood what a profound difference getting married makes in a relationship.  I always assumed that nothing would change except that along with love, marriage would bring baby carriage(S).  How wrong I was (not about the baby carriages,  more on that later).  A wedding and I do’s bond two people in a magical way.  A promise for life and love together, a promise to care and honor that you give to one another in front of all of your family and friends is something that is all and more that you dream it will be.  If it’s true love, you’re forever changed.  Your bond is bigger and stronger then any other thing or person, it’s truly unbreakable and that’s what I love about it most.  It’s not just one day or one ceremony, it’s a lifetime of promises that only you and your happily ever after can truly understand.

With all of that lovey dovey talk, Alex and I are very excited to share some of our wedding photos in next months’ (June) American Vogue!  Our wedding day was built piece by piece with love and represents our relationship to perfection.  We’re excited to share some of the special moments with Vogue, and all of you!  I promise to post the Vogue piece but, I wanted to give you a heads up to be on the look out!

I hope all of you enjoyed The Royal Wedding as much as I did! Kate and Will have done well to remind us all about the magic of love.

To marriage and all of us lucky enough to have found our Prince Charming’s, I wish you all a very happily ever after!


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  1. Beautiful Maggie! Can’t wait to see the Lodge and your wedding in Vogue!

    April 29, 2011


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