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Sunshine days

With the sun out the past few days to the point where you can actually feel warmth on your skin, summer suddenly feels within reach!  Growing up in NNY when the weather reached 55, I was allowed to wear shorts to school and the slush and frozen grass became our very own Hawaiian playground.  Things are different now that I’m “grown up”.  These days, I consider summer weather to be equivalent to bikini weather.  It’s only summer when I’m burning to the crisp “pink” my skin likes and I have a rum punch in hand.  Neither of these two things are happening lately.  Alas, it is warmer out and my freckles being clearer only further back up my “summer is nearing” theory.

I have busily been planning our summer schedule, packing in a trip to Hawaii and as much NNY cottage time (I’m an anti-Hamptonite in the most major way imaginable) as humanly possible.  I’m not sure if Alex knew how much fun we are going to have this summer at The Point but, I have confidence he’ll be thrilled.  I have already cleaned and shined his windsurfer, checked that the internet connection is performing at maximum speed, and gotten a tune up for “The Happy”  (sailboat)  as well as a full wax.  If I can manage to clean up the office on my next trip, I may just get a best wife award and be able to convince him to stay there for the whole summer.  If I’m lucky.

In the mean time, take a look at some San Francisco summer fun we’ve been having on the west coast lately!  Ignore the wool coats and blue lips and try to imagine the months ahead of warm sand, suntan lotion and  PB&J on the water.

I know I can’t wait!


Auburn and Rob sailing on Truth!

Alex, doing what he does best. Multitasking.

Bea's sailing debut!

Supporting each other for maximum stability.

Pre - wool coat weather

The girls had to work REALLY hard, ALL day.

My prime spot next to the cupcakes-despite disappointing Auburn by only eating one.

The summer weather vanished!

Cute couple award!

Beatrice, keeping me warm.

Little lap dog Bea.

Enjoying my mother-in-law's birthday celebration!

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  1. jade rage #

    Ahh the life of nny. Growing up in watertown I remember those 50 degree days. Shorts and tank where the attire.60 degrees would be plenty warm enough to head to the point or float around in deer river on an intertube.
    The army moving us to all the warm places, now in the mojave desert I shiver when the temp drops to a bone chilling 75.

    May 4, 2011


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