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La Ti Da- Spaaaa

I have decided that I am going to deserve a spa getaway sometime around October.  Yes, I’m thinking a little far in advance especially for me but, I’m giving myself a go ahead pass with this one.  Why a spa vacation in October? Well, why not?

I first fell in love with spa's during this shoot!

Summer is going to be jam-packed with Alex sailing the Transpac in July (LA-HAWAII) where his mom and I will meet him to cheer on his finish.  That will be exhausting.  On top of that, as I mentioned before, we will be spending lots of quality time on the east coast both in NNY and Maine, which I’m dying to get a head start on!  We have a couple of weddings that we’re looking forward to (in Sun Valley and Michigan)  and I have some quick trips to NYC planned in between the rest of the traveling schedule.  September brings us back to the west coast for a few fun celebrations before going back to the east coast and to lovely Lake Placid for our one year anniversary!

After all the traveling is said and done, we’ve reached October and – like I said, I will be in need of a spa vacation without a doubt.  I’ve heard rumors that this fall is going to be a sleepless one.  Best to get the spa in ahead of time.

Take a look at some of my favorite spas below.  I’m a big believer in spa’s and a big supporter.  I’ve been trying to convince Alex that we need to start our very own spa sometime soon.  He said only if we could make it into a Swiss Chalet which, I’m totally into.

Until then, after giving a little thought to what I’ll be after in October, I think Canyon Ranch might be just the ticket!

Happy spa shopping!



WE CARE  –  I absolutely adore this spa but, you must have a certain will power that most people don’t want to put into a vacation.  It’s all about fasting, cleansing, and rejuvenating.  I’ve never felt better than when I left this spa. My #1 recommendation though, you might disagree.

CANYON RANCH  –  Full luxury.  My favorite is the one in the Berkshires but, there is a west coast one if you prefer not to travel as far (I’ll take the northeast over Arizona any day but, to each his own).  Treatments are to die for, classes very informative and the cuisine divine.  You may not feel healthier when you leave but, you certainly feel pampered!

THE ASHRAM  –  Again, more of a “dedication required” kind of spa.  Food is minimal and the absolute healthiest you can achieve.  Days are spend doing non-stop exercise from 15 mile hikes, yoga, weight training, water aerobics, core training and more.  If you’re training for a triathlon, looking to drop a few pounds, or just enjoy the outdoors and exercise, this is your place. I’ve been to all these places I’m recommending and to be honest – The Ashram is AMAZING and AMAZINGLY BRUTAL.  Have fun!

BIKINI BOOT CAMP  –  Another of my favorites.  This jewel is tucked away on a secluded beach somewhere near Tulum Mexico.  I love it because nothing is forced and everything is fun.  The food is local and delicious.  It’s healthy but, not in a starvation way.  Workouts are really tough but, very enjoyable.  Yoga on the beach, 20 mile bike rides to tour ruins, belly dancing and fun activities like that.  The spa treatments are incredible, not in a luxurious way but, in a – you’re on the beach kind of way.  It’s incredibly relaxing while providing some excellent results.  Best thing?  You can have margaritas at night.  Come to think of it, I think I’ll plan a trip here next spring.  Maybe a girlfriend getaway anyone?!?

OPTIMUM HEALTH  –  A great place to go, especially if you are having issues with your body or want to be more in tune with your overall health.  This spa is all about teaching you about your body and how to live the best possible life for your overall health.  It’s combined with amazing spa treatments and a very serene atmosphere.  Perhaps a little to “medical” for me.

Whichever you prefer, enjoy! Who doesn’t want a spa getaway?!?

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  1. RPL #

    If you go to Ashram again….stop in to say hello. We are
    about 1/4 mile down the road from Ashram!! Now you know our secret
    little valley. We see you guys running around all the

    May 5, 2011


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