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Love for LLBEAN

Recently I found myself searching for some All American Basics.  I was craving really comfortable (non glam) flannel PJ’s, a good old traditional boat neck shirt and a classic cardigan with no frills.  I looked around at all my shopping go to’s, disappointed one after another.

Finally one night, cozied up and swimming once again in a pair of Alex’s flannels (it’s what I do when La Perla isn’t calling) I found myself dreaming of Christmas mornings.  I would wake up to find that perfect classic red flannel pajama set, perfectly wrapped under the Christmas tree.  Where had Santa found them?  They always fit so perfectly and never failed to keep me warm even on the coldest Northern New York snowy ice-stormed-in nights.  Ah yes, thank you Santa and LL BEAN.

Somewhere between Dancing with the Stars and American Idol I jumped on the LL BEAN website, waiting to find poor fitting old lady clothes.  To my wonderful surprise and expedited shipping I have been blessed with classic, All American clothing and even at a very economical price. What was I thinking, looking on

I have now over shopped for this summer and fall but, what I’ve come to realize is that there’s a reason classic brands have survived when so many have fallen.  They’re reliable, comfortable, and never go out of fashion.

Here’s what my friends can plan on seeing me in this summer……. aside from a JCrew Bikini and a few Victoria Secret beach dresses, this will be about it.

Necessary in all colors.

See what I mean?

The red is cute too!

Perfect (indoor) thunderstorm gear.

Henry seems to really enjoy eating these. My last pair have become slides.

Am wearing this now, in blue!

Hen likes to look at himself in the photo.

I think this is going to be my cottage uniform.

I never said I was going for sexy. This is purely a comfort thing. Baby pink is my favorite!

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  1. moi #

    You should check out Land’s End Canvas – similar styles but more like J. Crew!

    May 11, 2011
  2. I remember going to a George Winston concert at UCLA Royce Hall years ago. George comes out in his plaid shirt, jeans, white socks with no shoes. The house is full of all these dressed people who paid big bucks for their tickets and George immediately says……”my designer is LL Bean. I would rather spend my time practicing on my piano to give you a great concert than shopping……so I shop LL Bean! …and I like how comfortable all their stuff is!” I was really impressed with that. …and you know it made ma an LL Bean customer!

    Maggie, you should be shopping LL Bean……you were the STAR of their first SIGNATURE catalog!!

    May 11, 2011


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