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Vaca in Vegas

I think Las Vegas is the bottom of the slum-lord pit of the world.  It disgusts me.  That being said, I’m very exciting to be heading there this weekend to celebrate my dear husband’s 30th birthday!  Why in the world he actually likes it in Vegas, is beyond me.  My job is to go, put a smile on my face and hope he has the best time possible!

There’s a small chance I’m being rough on the city of sin and Alex’s interpretation of fun in Vegas but, it’s just a slight one.  I’ve certainly had my fair share of good times in Satan’s lair but, I always leave feeling worse about humanity.  In Las Vegas there are more silicone implants, lip gloss and hooker heels then on 8th street in NYC.  Men’s oogling is apparently acceptable and contagious morning, noon and night in any and all venues.  It’s hard for me to see the good in a city where the motto “what happen’s in Vegas…” is so widely accepted.  I’m not miss goody two-shoes or anything but, I find it sad that people actually give themselves an out on any and all moral decisions when crossing into this city’s lines.

Happy 30th Alex!!

This weekend, Alex has actually planned what sounds to be an ideal Vaca in Vegas with friends and family.   We plan to see La Reve, which sounds spectacular!  We have some delicious dinner reservations planned.  During the day there are plans for shopping, dune-buggy racing, and pool time.  I’ve also heard the spa at the Wynn is amazing but, I’m not sure that would be very “husband’s birthday-like behavior” of me.

I’m happy to give this city just one last whirl.  I have a feeling that an attitude change of what to expect will bring good things.  Alex is looking forward to celebrating his birthday with a bang and to be honest, Vegas is about as banging as it gets!

I have confidence that this will be a weekend and birthday to remember!  Here’s to Alex’s 30th Birthday!


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