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Bea’s San Francisco Chronicle Debut!

So much thanks to Carolyne Zinko and everyone at the San Francisco Chronicle for this great piece! Bea and I love the article and hope you will all enjoy some of our favorite San Francisco spots along with us!

Much love from the city by the bay, Maggie

On The Town

A few of Maggie’s favorite spots

St. Francis Yacht Club, 700 Marina Blvd., San Francisco:

“It’s a great place for lunch and to watch the boat races. Alex just got a new Class 50 (yacht) called Truth, so we’ll be hanging out there more and more. It will especially be fun during the America’s Cup. Truth is now at KKMI (a marine shipyard), so we are spending a lot of time there getting the boat ready for the Transpac (race across the Pacific, from Los Angeles to Hawaii) this July.”

Spruce restaurant, 3640 Sacramento St.: “Always my favorite. I just love the ambiance — it’s so cozy. The food is amazing; I always have the poached lobster (shown above). I love that it’s in a quiet neighborhood with trees lining the street.”

Balboa Cafe, 3199 Fillmore St.: “Perfect for any occasion.

For a quick drink or romantic dinner, it always seems to fit.

The food is delicious, it’s in a perfect location and is always fun. It is so easy to get there from Pacific Heights and we often take the Vespa down the hill for dinner. It makes parking easy and when the weather coordinates, it’s a fun and beautiful ride.”

Marina Meats, 2395 Chestnut St.: “I love to cook and love to grocery shop. Everyone at Marina Meats is very helpful. I’ve gotten everything from crabs, lobster, crab cakes — they make them there and they’re amazing — as well as Kobe beef, turkey burgers. We had a big dinner party with crab, crab cakes and fresh corn on the cob.”

Mercury Fitness, 2904 Laguna St.: “When I first moved to San Francisco, I searched for the most hard-core Pilates place I could find, and I succeeded! It’s the best place for a fantastic workout. My muscles have never been longer, leaner or more toned. The owners, Lara and Darren, are so much fun, as is everyone who works there. It makes working out bearable.”

Maison Reve, 108 Throckmorton Ave., Mill Valley: “I love the fun finds they have there and stop by every time I’m in Mill Valley. Recently I got the most amazing and cozy robes you can imagine, for myself and for gifts. The label was Barefoot Dreams. We’ve also gotten some gorgeous pashminas, fabulous cutting boards (I’m obsessed with cutting boards), beautiful frames and plates, and once I found a gorgeous white linen dress that I wear all summer long.”

Nick’s Cove and Cottages, 23240 Highway 1, Marshall (Point Reyes): “So much fun for a relaxing weekend. They allow dogs, which is a huge plus for us since we have three.”

San Ramon Farmers’ Market at Bishop Ranch, 2678 Bishop Drive, San Ramon: “There’s a new farmers’ market opening this month. Bishop Ranch is Alex’s family business. I cannot wait to go. I’ve gotten a bit of the inside scoop and know it’s going to be just incredible. I will be the first in line.”

Monterey Bay Aquarium, 886 Cannery Row, Monterey: “We enjoyed it so much, I think we became lifetime members. It’s definitely worth a gorgeous drive to visit such a spectacular aquarium. My favorites are the clown trigger fish and leafy sea dragon (shown above).”

Boy Scouts of America Camp Tamarancho, Manor Road at Rockridge/Iron Springs Road, Fairfax: “Alex and I have gotten into mountain biking a bit. I prefer to go in warmer weather and definitely like downhill more than up but, all in all, it’s an amazing workout and we really enjoy it.” (The 7.5-mile single-track mountain bike trail is east of Mount Tamalpais.)

See the full article at:

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