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Bea’s Boutique!

Well, ok it’s not so much Bea’s Boutique as it is mine.  She always likes to take the credit, what can I say?  A few weeks ago I was asked to create my fashion profile along with some “likes”, “dislikes”, and examples of my favorite style picks of the season for BOUTIQUES.COM I think it’s a very cool idea that they came up with and anything that makes shopping easier – I can get on board with!  Take a look at my profile or someone’s whose sense of fashion you can relate to such as AnnaLynn McCord, Eve, Julia Styles, or Ginnifer Goodwin.  It’s a fun shopping experience and all you have to do is watch while your wardrobe choices are laid out before you!
Thanks to everyone at BOUTIQUES.COM for the write-up, it’s very flattering and very sweet!
Happy Shopping!
Those freckles! The strawberry blonde hair! And those bright sky blue eyes. Maggie Rizer has an unmistakable All-American beauty to her — making her sudden foray into and take over of the modeling world back in the late 90s and early 2000s no surprise. (We can’t even begin to count how many covers she’s been on! You can find our favorite of hers here.) Since then, Maggie has blazed her way into acting as well as activism for different organizations including Operation Smile, which helps to provide surgeries for children with cleft lips and AIDS awareness.
Of course, as a model who is praised to be completely natural in front of the camera and versatile in her look, Maggie wears her style well and not the other way around. Frequently wearing the likes of Prada, Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui, Maggie has an effortless elegance about her, favoring clean lines with subtle romantic detailing.
Case in point: we had a chance to interview the cover girl just a few weeks ago at the opening night of the Balenciaga and Spain exhibit at the de Young Museum. Wearing a custom designed dress just for her, Maggie looked beautiful in an azure colored gown with expertly placed drapes and a plunging yet demure neckline. You can see the interview (and her breathtaking gown!) here. And be sure to check out Maggie’s Boutique while you’re at it!
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