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IN VOGUE: Our Wedding!

I could not have been more honored when American Vogue asked if they could do a highlight on our wedding for this months’ issue (June) !  Vogue was the very first magazine I shot for.  It launched my career and helped make it into what it is today.  Vogue also gives all of us the inside scoop of all things fashionable which, clearly brings them to the top of my favorites list.

I can’t thank everyone at the Lake Placid Lodge enough for all the hard work they put into making our wedding day as special and memorable as it is to us.  Along with Ann and John Graham, Keith Mandernach and the Lodge staff, Jay Dawson created a dream of wood trees, antler chandeliers and hand carved wooden seating areas to give our wedding the perfect special touch.

I appreciate our friends taking the time to do interviews with Vogue to make this such a personal piece!  I also apologize if you were tracked down in the middle of the Dominican Republic, while away on a work trip.

I have to say, Bea is a little irritated that she was left out of the article.  Hen and Al told her they got special treatment since they dedicated many days of their lives to watching me on set for American Vogue.  Bea just doesn’t understand.

Thanks to Anna Wintour, Alexandra Kotur, Lindsay Talbot and everyone at VOGUE for bringing back such great memories of our wedding day!

You’ve got to love Vogue! Maggie

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    May 19, 2011

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