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There are few things in life that can click back as fresh and comfortable as things do when you find yourself surrounded by happiness and peace of mind.  As my brother Jake, said tonight “I haven’t seen the Canadian’s (his Canadian friends) in a year and it’s like I saw them yesterday.  There’s nothing as cool as that”!  My sister Kate couldn’t have looked any happier surrounded by her two closest friends she’s known since birth when she smiled with that huge dimpled grin of her’s saying ” I just love feeling this happy, and it’s only because I’m here”!  There’s something out there in all of us that gives us an undeniable happiness and I think we’re all so lucky when we happen upon it.


For me, this weekend is all about being around many of my favorite people and the place I love the most.  It’s an indescribable peace that I can really only equate to night swimming (which I would be doing now if a few things were different).  A free, wholesome, and one hundred percent satisfying feeling.  The best feeling.


Tonight after a full day,  it’s now just me and the thunderstorms I grew up finding peace with falling asleep at night.  In the most roundabout way possible (and I’m an interesting interpreter)  it’s life saying yes.


Good night and here’s to the Canadian’s, Fran and Nell for bringing smiles to Kate & Jake.


Happy thunderdreams,





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  1. Theresa Male #


    I thought your thoughts of your brother and sister were so sweet….as a child growiing I to enjoyed many a midnight swim at the Point, as there is nothing like summers on Lake Ontario!!!

    June 20, 2011
  2. Jocelyn Thibault #

    I just wanted to say, I loved your idea of the thunder being life’s way of saying yes- I thought it was lovely. What an interesting, and I think, true, way of putting it 🙂 I sort of stumbled upon this blog and quickly scanned parts, but stopped when I saw this; it caught me off guard a little (in the best way)!

    June 17, 2011


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