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Lady Gaga, CFDA & the Standard…as good as it gets.

All I can really say is that Lady Gaga is one amazing chic.  Let’s put aside for the moment her outrageously amazing bod or the private concert she orchestrated with Patti Labelle at the Boom Boom room.  What I want to mention is her outstanding speech at the CFDA  upon receiving the Fashion Icon award.




Lady Gaga’s acceptance speech was the upbeat, positive and humble speech we only can expect from cartoon characters these days.  Her point was simple sweet and topped with sugar.  In not so many words: ” Thank you fashion for giving my fans a reason to dream and to believe in possibilities for their future.  Thank you for giving me a reason to be able to make my dreams come true”.

Tonight Gaga, you’ve got the world of fashion at their feet and for once, they all agree on something.  Fashion loves you.  Thank you for giving the world a reason to remember why dreams are made.

Enjoy the video of Lady Gaga which my stunning date Nicole Miller and I had the pleasure of enjoying front and center!

Exhausted and dreaming of 7pm bed times, Maggie

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  1. Huh? #

    How is it even possible that you are pregnant in these pics???

    June 17, 2011


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