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THE NE’RE DO WELLS: My New Favorite Band!!!

SELFISH WAYS:      NDW_selfish ways_051811

I hope you’ll take a second to listen to my new favorite band, THE NE’RE DO WELLS   ! They’re an amazing band from NYC with a fantastic sound, lots of energy and great personality!  They also happen to be my friends and I’m very proud of all their success! I’m sure you’ll love listening to them especially if you’re fans of bands like The Avett Brother’s or Mumford and Sons.  The Ne’re Do Wells are just…..better.

CLICK HERE for my favorite song!: NDW_selfish ways_051811

CLICK HERE: For one of my favorite songs, Waymore’s Blues

OR HERE!: For Hot-Rod

Take a look at their site for upcoming shows, more information, and more good tunes!

There’s no doubt The Ne’re Do Well’s is an incredible band and totally worth all of you’re attention! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Maggie

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