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JBCStyle Contributing Cousin!

I couldn’t possibly be a prouder cousin!  I would only be a proud, not a good cousin if I didn’t share Owen’s big moment as a JBCStyle contributor! Owen is a very talented writer who has just landed an internship and guest spot on my all time favorite blog, JBCStyle!

Check out his post HERE at JBCStyle and check back frequently for posts from Owen Colton and of course from our favorite Shih Tzu loving, wallpaper laying, most absolutely gorgeous Upper East Sider & JBCStyle Blog Queen, Anisha Lakhani!  Anisha has taken Owen under her wing so, we can be sure to see mounds of blogoliciously fabulous things flying from the JBCStyle site daily! Also be sure to check out Anisha’s genius website, Back to A! On Back to A you’ll learn everything under the sun from why Harold Moscowitz is the most sought after Shih Tzu in Manhattan, to why the application process of applying wallpaper is so oddly sexy.  Trust me, you’ll be drawn to every word this woman writes.

Congratulations to Owen and JBCStyle!

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