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Playing by the Rules

In my past…. I may have once in a while found it easier to drive through things rather than around them, exceeded the speed limit over leaving a few minutes earlier, covered messes rather than cleaning them and perhaps talked my way through a dilemma, or a few dozen. Those days….. I’m reminded frequently, are apparently gone.

All packed for the cottage!

Today, after learning from my many many mistakes, I really do try my best to do things the right way, the first time around.  In totally sincerity, it really does make things easier in the long run, it’s just sometimes a little less fun.  When I do slip, and easy breezy Maggie comes back to haunt me, Alex knocks me off my horse before I can even get started at my game.  This is a good thing.

Months ago, my beloved Beatrice and I made reservations on United to fly to the cottage in NNY for a few weeks.  I have been very concerned about putting any dog under a plane since (the beginning of time) a bad experience I had with Albert when he was just 1. After trying to pass him off as an “under the seat” kind of pooch, I was forced to buy a kennel and put him under the plane, being assured everything would be fine.  After getting to Laguardia, I ended up spending the morning at the vet and canceling my job, as Albert had overdosed on sedatives.  I of course, have never given any of my dogs sedatives.  Needless to say, putting a dog under the plane terrifies me!  Well, we don’t fly on USAir anymore.

To make a long story short, when I was making this reservation for myself and Ms. Bea, I decided to be creative, rather than risk my poor puppy’s life! After plenty of research and a little online shopping, lovely Bea became a fully acceptable Service Dog and we reserved our seats side by side, as it should be.

Knowing Alex would not approve but, incredibly proud of my ability to manage to get Bea to the east coast safely, I could not wait to tell Alex all about our travel plans!

…………………………….   it didn’t go over as well as I’d hoped.

After much thought and soul-searching, I have decided that it is completely immoral to play with the law.  Bea and I had a long talk and agree that real Service Dogs are brought on planes to help and protect those in need, not to accommodate fluffy beautiful goldens whose mom’s are frightened of checking them.  If one day God forbid, the law changes because of people abusing the right’s of Service Dogs and those in need can no longer fly with their dogs, you can be sure it won’t be because of me, or Bea.

We leave in one week and Bea is busy packing her bag full of bones, squeaky toys, tennis balls and Pro-Plan Chicken and Rice (she’s worried they won’t have her food on the east coast).  Hen and Al refused to fly under the plane, they think it’s completely inhumane and I’m not arguing with them.

We’re pretty nervous for the flight and pretty irritated that little yappy dogs are allowed on planes but, from here on out Bea and I are going to suck it up and play by the rules.

On a side note, I do get panic attacks and Bea DOES make me feel much better,


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  1. Jennifer Ransome #

    I can SEE you telling this on the patio at our cottage…I love you so much and think Alex is an amazing person to be such a forward thinker…he is good for you and you for him. This is the making of a great marriage…we had our 38th anniversary yesterday so I know!!!

    A friend traveled from Rochester to Seattle and her golden was traveling like Bea. My friend was so pleased by the treatment, Murphy, her golden, received! Hope you have the same feeling after this trip.

    Can’t wait to have some time to spend with you at CP.

    Love, Jennifer (mom Ransome)

    June 24, 2011
  2. Aunt Kate #

    Your Aunt Kate is very glad to hear that you play by the rules, very sorry to hear about any panic attacks, and truly looking forward to seeing her niece Maggie in NNY, soon!

    June 24, 2011


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