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To Check? Or not to …Check.

The answer couldn’t be more obvious.  Say NO to Check.

A happy pre-flight Bea

On the eve of my first ever possible animal abuse case against myself, I can’t help but feel like the worst pet owner on earth.  Scratch that, the worst pet owner in history.

Clearly traumatized as I explain the purpose of my T-shirt wrapped around her neck

I’ve prepared Bea within an inch of her life for her maiden cross-country voyage in the dungeon of an unnaturally flying large metal object.  I have harassed my vet to be sure this is safe and what I should and should not give my darling Bea (I’ve decided along with Dr. E to avoid giving her anything) for the most traumatic moment of her short-lived life.  I have literally wallpapered her kennel with names, addresses, phone numbers, flight #”s and vaccination information.  I’ve (against instructions) placed her favorite bone inside her kennel for entertainment value and am in the process of freezing man’s largest ice-cube which will undoubtedly, not quench her thirst. Lastly, since her beloved stuffed bea was taking up too much room, I’ve doused my favorite T-shirt in my favorite post shower oil (L’Occitaine Almond) and presently have it tied around Bea’s neck.  Tomorrow I’ll put it in the kennel for her flight in hopes that it will bring her some comfort.

You can see the tears in her eyes, she doesn't understand why she can't fly in the main cabin like the little dogs.

I have high hopes that Bea will be among the majority of pets who safely make voyages like hers everyday.  I have little hope that I will remain calm, unemotional, or in any way reasonable with anyone at any point tomorrow.  That is, until I meet my sweet, innocent, helpless Beatrice safely at the Syracuse, NY airport.

Bea is finally somewhat reassured she will be safe and that I will not fail her.

Lord,  help United tomorrow.  You know there’s no chance I’ll be rational with them if there’s even the slightest chance Bea’s safety, comfort or emotions are compromised.

Looking forward to the cottage!


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  1. Lori #

    Congratulations on your baby. I’m so upset to hear you can’t just buy a seat for larger dogs. My Molly… well, I can imagine the fear and stress if I had to have her fly as Bea is flying. Safe journey to you both!

    July 3, 2011
  2. I totally agree that it’s unfair that we have to put our bigger pooches in with the freight! My Basset-mix Ralphie is about the size of a two year old, and I figure that if people can have their kids in their laps, that he should be able to ride in mine. It would probably be the happiest day of his life. Honestly, I would also just buy him a seat next to me if that would work, but I’ve researched a little and haven’t found anything that says we can do that. I guess you haven’t either? I’m new to reading your blog, but was a huge fan of yours growing up in small-town Texas. Love what you do and what a great role-model you are! Your sweet pup will be fine, but I know how we worry!

    July 1, 2011
  3. kate wehrle #

    it will be in the 80’s and sunny! Good luck to both of you!

    June 30, 2011


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