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Wish You Were Here

The first few times I visited my pretty home in NNY this year, I was extremely organized, focused, and dedicated to getting it in the “ship-shape” I have decided it should be in.  The house has been in a state of being somewhere between  “half put together” and “I built this house when I was 20” and I have decided it is high time it became a place where Alex shouldn’t cringe when he walks in, fair enough.

Alex....somewhere in the Pacific.

So I’ve finished my cleaning, tossed more stuff out of this house then I knew was in there (people were coming by concerned, wanting to make sure I hadn’t gone crazy) painting, updating electronics, and…shopping.

The night before I left my pretty Bea (she’s on vacation with her birth mom and cousins) and NNY, I sat my sister down and admitted that I thought I might…have a shopping problem.  I told her all my horrible stories that I hadn’t yet told Alex  (he has been on a boat) which had me feeling insanely guilty.  I told her how at Target I’d stocked up on shampoo & conditioner, new frames (to replace the ones that could no longer hold together) enough Starbucks to freeze for a year, and my favorite thing, new scissors – 2 pair!  Although I might purposely be forgetting to mention replacing the rugs, couches, curtains, towels, necessary baby clothes, and a certain freshly eaten pair of Jimmy CHoos I think you get my point.  I have made it my mission to make this home clean, free of junk, up to date, and…. I swear I am now finished.  No more shopping, at least for the first floor.

I am now happily in Hawaii where I was greeted by a voicemail from Alex that was something along the lines of “sweetheart I’m so happy you’re there, I’m really sorry I’m not in yet.  We haven’t had great luck with the wind out here… I’ll be there as soon as I can.  Why don’t you treat yourself and go to the spa or do a little shopping?  I’ll be there in a few days and love you!”

He MUST know.  I am the shopping devil.  Returning the scissors ASAP.

For now, I have big plans to locate strong coffee, visit Pearl Harbor and then as a good wife only would do…. do as he says.  Knowing me, I’ll be in such a hurry to get to the beach that my big purchase will be socks at the GAP.

In the mean time, I sure wish Alex was here in Hawaii with me! Maggie

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