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CIRCA, Thanks for the great interview! We all love jewels!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guest Blogger: Maggie Rizer

Every jewel tells a story, and this summer wedding season CIRCA sat with Maggie Rizer, to find out all the details and jewels of her recent nuptials.

Tell us how your fiancé, Alex Mehran, proposed to you.
I have a history of bad birthdays, and Alex has always gone above and beyond to make sure they are special, quiet and drama free. Last year (Jan 2010) we went to Mendocino, California with my golden retrievers Henry and Albert for a quiet weekend. He surprised me by proposing on the cliffs – with the dogs – and a gorgeous ring! It couldn’t have been any more perfect for me.

And the ring . . . ?
I love my ring! It’s a beautiful Tiffany emerald cut with trillions on the sides and set in platinum.

What was the most meaningful piece of jewelry you received as a wedding gift?
I did not know what to wear on my wedding day. . . I always hate outshining the dress with too much hair, makeup, shoes, jewelry – anything! BUT – I wanted something gorgeous, simple and elegant to complement the dress. Alex’s mom, Lucinda, gave me THE MOST gorgeous diamond earrings which I adore to death! They’re simple, elegant, and sophisticated. I could not have dreamed of a more perfect gift, and they will always be so meaningful to me.

Growing up, what was the most sentimental piece of jewelry you owned?
My grandmother left me her engagement ring when she passed away. I was never around much jewelry growing up, and therefore never really cultivated an educated appreciation of it. When I was left her emerald cut engagement ring, everything changed! I began to appreciate not only the beauty of jewelry, but how much meaning can be attached to a stone. They are eternal symbols of love and can represent precious people and memories long after they are gone.

You recently announced on your blog Bea Makes Three that you are expecting a baby boy this November. Any jewelry traditions that you and Alex have considered starting as you prepare for parenthood?

Well……..we haven’t talked about it exactly, BUT there is an AMAZING single diamond pendant necklace that I have a BIG eye on. Maybe not after my first child, though. . . hopefully after a few! I really love it…it’s a simple (gorgeous and large) pendant diamond on a long platinum chain from Tiffany……and I am SO in love with it. We will see, but, that’s a tradition I would be very happy to have!

With regard to parenthood and for our children, I think jewelry should accompany special occasions or accomplishments. Children should learn to appreciate and love nice things, in my opinion, but also realize their value and know that treasures accompany great achievements and memorable life moments.

– Maggie Rizer is a supermodel and expectant mother ShareThis Print this post

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