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My Claymation Morning

I don’t know about you guys but, I take advantage of any extra sleep I can get.  Everyday mornings in San Francisco have us bouncing out of bed (pushing snooze for a half hour) at 630 am (I think it’s only fair that we get up at equally upsetting hours) and it never feels like enough rest, no matter what time we go to sleep.  When I’m alone, I have a different philosophy when it comes to my wake up time.  Today, for example Alex and I are on different coasts so, in my opinion I can sleep until 930 (3 hour time difference) without starting to feel ridiculously pathetic.  Seems reasonably fair in a convoluted way to me.

This morning I talked myself into getting out of bed at 8am in exchange for a large cup of coffee and a morning of Dr. Haushka masks.  For those of you who haven’t used his facial masks, they’re amazing and give you a glimmer of a really fancy facial at an extremely luxurious spa.  Or- in my case, with coffee in front of the Today Show.  Same thing.

I turned the coffee on, applied the brownish green clay mask evenly and thickly all over my face, fed Beatrice and turned on the Today show.  I had big morning plans of getting through my to do list and glamorizing my skin all in one.  Or so I thought.

As the coffee was just finishing up, I looked out the window to make sure no one was outside (to see me in my night-shirt and claymation face) before letting Bea outside quickly. I told myself I’d give her a good walk in about an hour.

What a dumb idea.

Before I coud blink an eye, my little Bea ran faster than lightening toward the tennis courts where SHE, clearly not me, had spotted 4 unassuming tennis players who clearly like mornings more than I do. Before I could consider how embarrassing this was about to be for me, I found myself (in my nightshirt and clay mask) chasing her around the tennis courts as she stole each and every tennis ball.

I’m not sure if the players were staring at me or at Bea more but, I have a pretty good idea. After about 15 minutes of this humiliating charade of my sweet little Bea’s, I am happily inside, more fully clothed, caffeinated and soaking in mask #2.

I think I’ll just sleep until 930 tomorrow morning, it seems to be the better route.


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