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I’m SO excited to…..

There’s a thing or two I’ve learned since this whole “being pregnant thing” began.  Number one on my list? It’s not exactly loads of fun.  If you say it is, I don’t believe you.

Sure, I’m getting lots of sleep, eating fairly “purely” and drinking lots of water and no alcohol.  I’ve been extremely busy getting the nursery ready, shopping for clothes and daydreaming about him being HERE rather then IN HERE.  But, to be completely honest – that’s the extent of it.  It’s boring, I’m boring (and that’s my friends/husband saying that, not just me) I’m bored and…….I’m SO excited to………DO ANYTHING ELSE.

SO!  The good news?  only 3 months left.  The bad news?  That’s actually an insanely long time from now.  So, what have I been doing about this frustration? Planning within an inch of my (and lots of other people’s) lives.  Totally fair.

Although I’m partially not living in the “now” due to all of my daydreaming/planning, it’s not really harming much and it’s doing a good job of keeping me somewhat sane.  I have lots of fun things on deck and many adventures for our little lad once he enters the world.

DEC:   Carmel for some Christmas shopping and a stay at the doggie friendly Cypress INN

DEC/JAN:   Hawaii, to ring in the new year in style!

JAN:   Not sure but, working on a plan for my birthday! (I have a feeling dogs will be involved).

FEB:   NY & ST. Barths! Because…..every baby needs both?  Or at least his parents will.

APRIL: A little NNY time for Easter!

That’s as far as I’ve gotten so far…

Many people have told me I’m over-doing my planning for the period of “baby outside of me” but, I’m ignoring ALL of them.  I’m about to be grounded to San Francisco and although I adore it there, I am not good at sticking around in only one spot for very long.  I’m about to learn how.

Thank God for daydreams,


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  1. Nika #

    I normally dont read/comment on pregnancy blogs, but this one I can relate to. I am 4 1/2 months pregnant, live in SF and bored out of my mind! I too am daydreaming about far away locales where the sun actually shines! I am eating right, have had one glass of wine (and was rewarded with epic heartburn) and in good shape. But, I cant wait to have three glasses of wine, some sushi and to take my baby in the water in warm sun! I also cant wait to throw on some real clothes, maternity outfits are awful! Any baby resources in SF you recommend? Im not into mommy and me groups because they are more cliques then learning sessions, and I also believe that our moms did just fine without people telling them how to be pregnant.
    Best of luck these next few months and its great to hear someone be honest about this rather then talk about how they are glowing and love being prego…..

    August 11, 2011
  2. My best friend is in her final trimester and positively climbing the walls with boredom/impatience to meet the new baby/yet more boredom.

    Hopefully the time will pass quickly and you can crack on with the globe-trotting plans but, until then…

    Pregnancy sure looks good on you. :0)

    Sarah x

    August 10, 2011
  3. I just read this post out to Billy as we sit watching sun set in SH — first blog post I’ve ever read to him where he sat absolutely quiet and attentive, then smiled with your “thank god for daydreams end.” We love your writing, and you. Moscowitz and McNizzles say what up 😉

    August 8, 2011
  4. The last month will drive you insane waiting for those labor pains. BTW, you look amazing pregnant.

    August 8, 2011


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