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East Coast Girls are Hip

With summer coming to an end and New York Fashion Week quickly approaching, I find myself craving some East Coast Sense of Style.  It’s not that women on the West Coast don’t have style, believe me they do.  West coast women can rock a bikini, kaftan, Maxi and Uggs better than anyone.  When they feel like it, their fashion sense can totally rival just about anyone’s.  It’s just, not the same as a NY fashion sense, that’s all.

Fall in NY brings out the latest and greatest fashions with cute sweaters, coats, long dresses and boots.  NY sidewalks are more or less an endless runway show.  Chic NY women know how to accessorize better than anyone (the French are pretty good at it) being both glam, edgy and trendy all at once.  Who else can rock Chanel, Margiela, and Dean Harris in one look? Nothing is better.

I should mention that I am one of the top supporters of the “jeans and T-shirt” look and that I’m writing this barefoot in a GAP tank dress.  Not my most fashionable moment.

Hen, Al, and Bea got the baby stuffed versions of themselves! How thoughtful...

This weekend I’ve been noticing more than usual the “laissez fair” attitude west coast women seem to favor.  Are the women on the west coast perhaps just more practical?  Are women on the East coast more paranoid that they won’t be the “most stylish women” in the room?  Who knows.  What I do know is that I love a bit of fashion and I’m certainly missing it at the moment.

I’ve been doing my best to keep up with the fashion bus by making small adjustments to my wardrobe.  Recently, I’ve discovered that Alexander Wang’s fall collection suits my pregnant body quite well, bringing a ray of sunshine to my fashion cravings.

I’ll be avoiding NYC and fashion week as this 7 month pregnant woman certainly has no business competing in that game this season.   No, I think I’ll spend the next few weeks catching up on STAR and US Weekly while hanging out with my adorable pups comfortably here on the west coast.

I just wanted all the glamorous NY women to know I’ll be thinking of them and that it brings a smile to my face knowing just how hip East Coast girls really are.

Thanks for giving me and my wardrobe something to look forward to!


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