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Bump Picture

Since about second 2 of my pregnancy, I’ve been asked repeatedly, “will you be photographed pregnant?” I always answered with the same, dry – “no way.” In my mind, my job has always been (in many ways) all about my body.  About being thin.  My job has been about pretty much anything but, having 16 extra pounds on it.  I don’t care if I’m 7+ months pregnant.  Modeling is modeling- fashion is fashion- well, until today anyway.

I was lucky enough to have been asked to be photographed pregnant by one of my all-time favorites, Inez and Vinoodh.  Like I said, I was certain there was no chance I would do a shoot when pregnant. Interestingly enough, the moment Inez and Vinoodh asked, all I could think was, how much I wanted them to photograph my pregnancy and how insanely cool it would be to have that experience, with them.  Today, we did the shoot and I can say with 100% certainty that It was a moment of a lifetime.  One, which I cannot wait to see in print, can’t wait to have hanging on my wall and one that my son will look back on years from now, proudly and with awe.  Being totally fair, Inez and Vinoodh always make a girl look amazing. Just wait until you see it.

I’ve attached some pictures Inez and Vinoodh have taken of me in the past.  When I first started modeling I was completely freaked out by their style of photography.  I mean, there I was fresh off the boat from NNY and these crazy two dutch people were having my boobs painted pink or staging me naked in a corn field.  Today, these are some of my absolutely favorite photographs of myself.  I’ve grown up and learned to appreciate photography and how impressive their vision is.  It’s not everybody’s thing but, I promise, if you appreciate their photography (mom you probably don’t get it, it’s cool) then you’ll recognize how much today meant to me.  I’ll post the pic as soon as it’s out!  It’s certainly a photo of a lifetime.


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  1. Love your work, Maggie, and hearing about your experience with Inez and Vinoodh (big fan of theirs too.) Have you ever worked with Paolo Roversi? xo

    October 3, 2011


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