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Max Mara turns 60!

I was so pleased to be asked to be a part of the celebration of Max Mara turning 60! What an incredible and iconic brand.  We all know Max Mara for their fine fabrics, gorgeous coats and continuing trend setting styles.

I, on the other hand was introduced to Max Mara with a short red wig shoved on my head. I was asked to pretend I was enjoying falling down fake stairs by the amazing Richard Avedon.  Of course, being about 19 that didn’t mean much to me except that this guy was coo-coo.  Thankfully I listened to my agent and showed trust and respect to Avedon.  In return I have the most incredible images to look back on to remember that momentous shoot and my first experience with the late Avedon.

I look like I'm enjoying it, don't I?!

Unfortunately I am unable to attend the gala being held in Moscow to celebrate the 60 years of Max Mara.  I was very disappointed to turn it down and even spoke to my doctor about it.  He advised AGAINST attempting to have the baby in Moscow.

Although I am sad to miss the big bash, I am very excited for everyone at Max Mara and for all the success they’ve had these past 60 years.  It is such an honor to have been a part of so many shows and campaigns and I look forward to seeing what Max Mara creates in the years to come!

For the special anniversary addition of the Max Mara Magazine, I was asked to do an interview and include some pictures from our trip to Tanzania.  I can’t tell you what they wrote but, I’m going to go ahead and assume it’s something very sweet like “Maggie is amazing, she’s such an awesome chick….we think you’d really love her…” you know – all awesome stuff like that!  Take a look at the photos and – if you speak Italian, enjoy the interview!

Lastly, below are some photos of a doll they have replicated from the Max Mara campaign I did with Avedon.  They’re going to be gifting them at the 60th anniversary bash in Moscow and I have been lucky enough to get my paws on a few of them! Thanks to everyone at Max Mara for turning me into a Russian Doll – very cool.


"yatta yatta yatta... we love Maggie"

Max Mara Maggie Doll

creating the doll

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