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Hickory Dickory…

I wouldn’t consider myself to be “good” at decorating.  I’m more the kind of “put as many rustic and whimsical things as I can find together” decorator.  It hasn’t always proven to be successful.  Actually, it rarely has.  For instance, my house in NNY at one point looked like a bad tree house.  I thought it was cute while I was doing it but, wouldn’t it figure that a counter made (by me) out of flat rocks really isn’t practical?  Also, a fully screened cedar porch actually isn’t ideal in the snow belt.  Antique wood floors left unprotected for the “natural effect” coincidentally do not stand up to snow, golden retrievers, or lots of spilled wine.  Live and learn I suppose.

It’s not that I’m against hiring a decorator or that I don’t respect them because, I do.  Obviously they’re 100% more prepared, educated, and have the experience to make a space look like perfection in every nook and cranny.  For me, it just makes me feel uncomfortable to have a stranger define my space, in my home.  Although I’m sure they can procure more interesting pieces and have an inside eye which I may not think to use, I’m just far more comfortable creating the space that is mine & that I will be living in.  Even if it take me 10 times as long.  That’s just me though.

At any rate, when we moved into this new “adult” home in Diablo, I decided to put some real effort into decorating in a practical manner that also suited our tastes.  To me, this meant that I could have only 85% of the house decorated like a tree house. So far, so good.

The rest of the house aside, I had an immediate vision of what I wanted the nursery to look like from the moment we knew we were expecting a baby.  I knew I wanted a more old fashioned nursery, one that would remain more or less the same over the years while we have children.  We plan to move them into what will become “their room” when they’re old enough to leave the nursery, a sort of Peter Pan theory in a way (except they’ll be about 2). This meant it had to be suitable for little girl babies and little boy babies and be fairly timeless (we’d like a large family and lets face it, pregnancy takes time).  I also knew that to me, babies represent hope, pureness, and beginning.  For this reason, I wanted the nursery to feel ethereal, almost like you’re walking into heaven.  Cheesy? Perhaps.

Last night the furniture finally (literally almost 2 months late) arrived and I was able to organize the room and put everything in it’s place.  I decided on pulling in a slight safari feeling to the room, having recently spent some time in Tanzania and really falling in love with it (our children also have no choice but to love animals so, I figured we might as well force it on them at an early age).  Finally fully finished (we definitely need some more stuffed creatures and some photos) I feel like I achieved my ultimate goal.  The room definitely feels ethereal, whimsical, has a touch of the outdoors and will be a very happy place for us to bring babies home to over the years.



Chances are small that he'll be needing a coat like this but, you never know when it might snow in SF?

Everyone needs a play mat with their name on it.


The wallpaper is from my favorite (wallpaper) company Cole & Sons.


Martin Kobus did our window treatments. They did an amazing job and perfectly captured the effect we were looking for!


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  1. Christina #

    If you’re looking for a few more “animals,” I came across these after my son was born and I just love them.

    Hansa makes beautiful stuffed animals in the tradition of Steif, but not as expensive. There’s a terrific gift store in San Francisco called “Dandelion” that carries them but you can find them here:

    as well as my favorite, a german company called Ostheimer makes darling painted wooden animals (Restoration Hardware used them in their Baby & Kids catalog and it took me a long time to track them down.) I’ve started a collection of African animals that my son loves:

    Also, artwork-wise, these photographs by Sharon Montrose are really sweet. Plan to purchase a few when we move him into his “big boy” room.

    Sorry to have caught you off guard in the veggie aisle of the grocery store, but your blog is very sweet. Best of luck to you in the home stretch!


    November 4, 2011
  2. Morgan Schaffrath #

    Mam…I love the nursery…its so beautiful!! I’m so happy and excited for you guys!! I miss you and love you…Love – Morgan

    October 25, 2011
  3. It’s gorgeous Maggie, very serene and peaceful, I love it. Great job 🙂

    October 20, 2011
  4. Carol #

    Oh my god, this is just such a lovely, beautiful room for your Alexander! By the way, Alexander is one of my favorite was actually a name i chose for our 2nd golden retriever and it fit him to a tee! We had 4 legged children only, so they all had names i would have chosen for children.
    The nursery is just perfect and I love the colors, stuffed animals and did a great job!

    October 20, 2011
  5. Mom #

    Perfect ! Just beautiful! As always! I love the touch of wicker !! It reminds me of ….the lake and you know there is no more beautiful place in all the world !

    October 19, 2011
  6. Love the fabrics on the windows and crib. It’s like mosquito netting-cum-sun sail. And the wall paper is fantastic! Nice job. 🙂

    October 19, 2011
  7. Jennifer Ransome #

    Again…I have tears!!!!!!! Crazy, I know!! This nursery is absolutely beautiful…I love the word ethereal…perfect!! In addition…I can see the love put into this…again the tears!! So excited for you. Love you so much!!!! (And great decorating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    October 19, 2011
  8. Amanda #

    Serene and lovely. Now all it needs is baby Alexander!

    October 19, 2011


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