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Christmas Wish List

For some strange reason, I’ve recently turned insanely type A.  This is odd for two reasons. The first reason being that it’s still selective, which means although 90% of my life is insanely organized at the moment, the other 10% is still in a field daydreaming somewhere. The second and I suppose more important reason it is odd that I’ve turned type A is that I am the most non “type” possibly on the planet.  I’m consistently (not proudly) late, disorganized, on the wrong page, forgetful….just generally on a different planet.  I’m not in anyway apathetic, I’m just more on the “happy go lucky” train. It’s a pleasant ride.

So, back to my type A.  I have to assume it’s some sort of pregnancy side effect and that I’ll return to normal in a few weeks.  People keep trying to tell me I’m “nesting” but, if that’s the case, I’ve been nesting for an absurd amount of time.   In the mean time, the house is organized, the baby has clothing (washed, folded and put away) from now until the end of time, my closet has been cleaned out and donated, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner menus are complete and as of 5 minutes ago, Christmas shopping can be marked off my “TO DO” list.  I was starting to stress about that one.

With a few minutes to spare, I seemed to have found a second to make a short but, happy Christmas “wish list” of my very own, thanks to my new favorite website HAVETO HAVE.  It’s basically one enormous online shopping cart that you can put anything from pots & pans, dog beds, couture, and magazine subscriptions into.  It’s my new favorite accessory.

Granted, “Wish List” in my mind means “unrealistic dreams” so, please take the items on my Christmas Wish List with a grain of salt.  I should probably rename it “In my fairytale dreams when I return to whatever “type” I really am” wish list.

Being organized has been interesting but, it’s much more fun to dream.


Here are a few of my favorites from my HAVETOHAVE list! Not surprisingly, it’s all clothing.

I would sleep in this coat

Perfect for....everything.

Christmas dress!!!


Bea thinks I need these.

Al AND Bea think I need this.

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  1. becca #

    I am not trying to leave one of “those” comments but I really don’t understand how a dog lover with a million cute posts can post right after that she is lusting after a fur coat made from a fox. You obviously care about animals so how can you turn an eye from the horrific way that the coat is made. It isn’t just the way they kill but the way the animals are treated when they are alive that breaks my heart. It makes me confused and sad to see your contradicting posts. I do love you though and have looked up to you since I was a young teen. I hope you will look up just how this product is created before buying it. Sorry if I sound like one of those crazy fur hating people…

    December 14, 2011
    • Hi Becca,

      I’m not offended at all and really appreciate your comment about animal cruelty and the poor message fur sends. I think the more people we have that stand up for animal rights, the better.
      My experience in fashion over the past 15 years sometimes causes me to see things for their art and beauty and I lose sight of the important issues like the cruel treatment of animals.
      It’s good of you to stand up and voice your opinion. I appreciate the kind way in which you made your point to me.

      Thank you, Maggie

      December 22, 2011


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