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The Waiting Game

Dear God, 

Ok, I get it. Life is precious and it takes time to create perfection.  Now, can you please shorten pregnancy to…let’s say 4.5 months? I think that would be a good compromise.  It’s 2011; we can fly to the moon, face-time, shop with the click of the mouse and… now I’d really like to shorten pregnancy to a more appropriate time frame. 


When I started down this path toward creating God’s most precious gift I was very lucky to have 5 friends who like me, were anxiously awaiting their little bundles of joy.  Well, July past and one of my very best friends had her little boy Aiden, then came August and a friend had a perfect little girl…September welcomed a boy, earlier this week another precious boy and….yes, today my last pregnant friend has left me and gone off to the hospital to welcome her little man into her life!

I’m totally aware that I’m being 100% unreasonable and whining.  In complete sincerity, I am overjoyed for my friends and I just can hardly wait for my own special day to get here.  It has been so exciting for me to have this experience along with some amazing girls and even more special  that my own day is closing in on me so quickly!

Being 100% honest, I really think medical technology could use some improvement in the pregnancy department and…speed things up a bit.  I’ve been telling Bea about her brother for so long now that she’s starting to wonder if I’m lying.

Less than two weeks left! (I’m completely sure this baby is going to be late to get me back for a lifetime of tardiness)


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  1. I wish you all the very best Maggie 🙂 xo

    November 14, 2011
  2. tyson finn #

    Tardiness: Getting you back for all those times you skipped band

    November 12, 2011


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