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And It’s……A Baby!

I am so proud to tell you that we welcomed our son, Alexander Rafahi Mehran III this afternoon! Zander was born at 5:30pm near San Francisco, weighing 7lbs 13 oz and measuring 20.5″. He has 10 fingers, 10 toes, sandy hair, deep blue eyes and is practically perfect, in every possible way!

Alex and I are very proud parents and incredibly excited to get to know our new little lad. We feel tremendously blessed this Thanksgiving!

Wishing all of you and yours endless love and happiness, Maggie


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  1. jennifer #

    congrats to you and your family. he is beautiful. enjoy every moment with him. parenting is the best. lots of love. Jenn

    November 26, 2011
  2. Char #

    God is so good. He Blessed you with a beautiful, handsome Son.
    And what better day to have him, On Thanksgiving. Awesome
    God Bless you all. And be with you and take care of you all.
    Love and prayer’s for a wonderful life together. Char

    November 26, 2011
  3. Barbara McClure #

    Congratulations! As a new mom to the area in case you don’t have a preferred local pediatrician, I’d like to recommend a great local doctor who just switched to more ‘traditional’ single shingle practice in Danville. He’s a Harvard grad with three young boys of his own. As an East Bay mom myself I appreciate how important the right pediatrician is for baby and Mom. 😉 My boys missed our doctor (as did my husband and I) when we moved to London for a while.

    Barbara from Orinda

    November 25, 2011
  4. Jim Bachman #

    Thats wonderful Maggie. Now life will really begin. _Congragulations and good luck to you all.

    November 25, 2011
  5. Congrats!

    November 25, 2011
  6. carol #

    Congratulations on this wonderful news! Best of everything for you family!

    November 24, 2011
  7. Congrats Maggie!

    November 24, 2011
  8. Much love and congratulations to you and yours 🙂 xo

    November 24, 2011
  9. chris bergin #

    Certainly a thankful day!
    All the best to you and your family!

    November 24, 2011
  10. Victoria Gomez #

    Congratulations on your Thanksgiving blessing.

    November 24, 2011
  11. lara #

    Beautiful! Congratulations to you all!

    November 23, 2011
  12. Congratulations to the two (three) of you 🙂 xoxo

    November 23, 2011
  13. will sullivan #

    congrats Maggie, you will love this little one more than you thought possible. best of luck

    November 23, 2011


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