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Merry Christmas to you!  Mele Kalikimaka

Well, what a year it’s been for me!

It all started off enjoying life as a newlywed and quickly moved into the excitement of expecting our first child!  Nine VERY long months later, I’ve never been happier and am the proud mom of our little Zander.



Since the arrival of Zander, the dogs are a little miffed.  They don’t seem to understand that although I don’t have AS much time for them right now, I love them just as much if not more for being such an adoring brother and sister.  Bea spends most days following Zander around (as I carry him) licking his head and feet as often as she gets the chance and sleeping under his cradle nightly.  Al, as expected, wants little to do with our new arrival except for the highly anticipated food tossing.  Sadly for Albert, that is many many months away.  Until then, I suppose he’ll scowl at him from afar.

Our family Christmas card looks like this....although it will be sent in time for January. Zander is three days old in the photo!

To sum up the year I’d have to start by saying, pregnancy is not a total blast.  It’s basically 9 (10 really) months of gaining weight, being exhausted, and feeling fairly awful about yourself.  For me anyway.  The upside is that in the end, you receive a gift that exceeds any expectation you could possibly have ever imagined.  9 months of torture is miraculously completely worth it!  Other then that, it was a really long period of anticipation that has ended with pure happiness.  For anyone going through what I did for the past nine months, all I can say is that – everyone who is telling you it’s totally worth it, it really and truly is.

Our little family is leaving for Hawaii tomorrow morning to spend Christmas and New Year’s in the sun and sand, I can hardly wait! I’ll be thinking of all my friends and family over the next few weeks, especially those in Snowtown USA! There’s certainly no place like home, especially at the holidays.

Wishing you and yours much love, peace and happiness this holiday season!


PS- To my dear friends who have had your adorable babies recently, I am thinking of you and missing you!


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  1. Monica #

    So happy for you, Maggie! he is precious – and I’m sure you’re anxious to dip him in lake Ontario too. Hope all is going well. I always tell new mothers that it is a stressful time, so give yourself a break and know that it’s normal to get frustrated and anxious, despite the absolute joy. Fatigue can wreak havoc – but it will pass and, as you say, it’s all worth it!
    Congratulations to you and Alex. Can’t wait to see him at CP this summer, when Penny will have a little brother or sister in tow too! They are due in early April.
    Happy New Year!

    January 7, 2012
    • Wow, Monica! Congratulations! That’s incredible, I’m so happy for all of you!! Yes, I’m very excited to bring him up to the point! It’s going to make being at CP even better! I never imagined it could get better! Thank you so much for your sweet words! See you this summer!! I hope everything is well with you!

      January 12, 2012
  2. Congrats and have a very Merry Christmas, I am sure it will be a special one. xoxo

    December 22, 2011


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